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by Ron on October 9, 2017

Today’s Book of the Day is a Christian Fiction box set by Heather Blanton and it’s 80% off for a limited time. Romance in the Rockies: Box Set has a 4.9 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $4!

“Thoroughly enjoyed Heather Blanton’s style of writing. She masterfully drew me into each character.” Patricia – Amazon Reviewer

Romance in the Rockies: Box Set
by Heather Blanton
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Christian Fiction
Price: $0.99 save $4


The Ladies of Defiance–three beautiful, Christian sisters, ranging in ages and life experiences, find themselves stranded in the lawless, godless frontier town of Defiance, Colorado. The men here want to tame them … some even want to break them. Can the sisters hold on to their faith and their hearts or does something have to give?

A Lady in Defiance

Charles McIntyre owns everything and everyone in Defiance. Still, he is intrigued enough by the sisters to allow them to open a hotel in his town, especially since he views feisty middle sister Naomi as his next conquest. Naomi, angry with God for widowing her, wants no part of Defiance or the saloon-owning, prostitute-keeping Mr. McIntyre. But the Lord may have other plans.

Hearts in Defiance

McIntyre built Defiance practically with his bare hands … and without any remorse for the lives he destroyed along the way. Then a glimpse of true love, both earthly and heavenly, changed him. The question is, how much? His wife is a beautiful, decent woman. She says she loves McIntyre, that God does, too, and the past is behind them now. But McIntyre struggles to believe he’s worth saving … worth loving. Unfortunately, the temptations in Defiance only reinforce his doubts. Soon, old enemies and old weaknesses come calling …

A Promise in Defiance

When McIntyre founded Defiance, he was more than happy to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven. But things have changed. Now, he has faith, a new wife…and a ten-year-old half-breed son. Logan Tillane carries a Bible in his hand, wears a gun on his hip, and fights for lost souls any way he can. Newly arrived in Defiance, though, he has trouble telling the saints from the sinners. When a scandalous madam flings open the doors to a raunchy saloon, these two good men will fight their personal demons to the death. Unfortunately, only one will survive.

The Lost Chapters – A Novella

In this prequel novella, set in North Carolina, meet Naomi’s first husband, her childhood sweetheart. He is faced with trying to hold the family together before a scandal and a greedy rich man can tear it apart.

And what was it like for sixteen-year-old Hannah to deal with the shame of carrying a bastard child? Rumors are swirling. Did the father of the baby abandon them of his own accord, or was he forced to leave by a family bent on protecting a grand ambition?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

The best Christian western historical books bar-none. I’ve purchased all of Heathers’s books for myself and my best friend and loved them all. To have them all together with notes and a prequel is just awesome. The lost chapters are fantastic and I appreciated getting to know the story before the sisters arrived in Defiance. Keep up the great work Heather. You have been blessed with such a beautiful gift.


You will enjoy the sisters! The trilogy is awesome and most enjoyable as the author pulls you right into the story. I didn’t think there was any hope for Deliah! These are a must read!


I fell in love with the characters right away. They were believable, the setting was real. I could envision it as a movie. I hate that it had to come to an end


Wonderful Christian stories, good messages. Another look how people struggled by in the old West days to live through the trials of life and to seek God and how hard it was to follow him. I enjoyed this author and recommend reading these books.


Ms. Blanton’s stories exude God’s precious grace in a real and tangible way. I’ve laughed and cried along with her characters as their lives unfolded. I have greatly enjoyed getting such a full and on-going storyline for this family.

Get Romance in the Rockies: Box Set here: Romance in the Rockies: Box Set

About The Author

I write Christian Historical Western Romance. Yes, that often entails the use of firearms in a threatening manner. Sometimes there are fistfights. There may even be politically incorrect but historically accurate language. But also, there is always an inspirational message and strong allusions (at least) to the gospel.

A former journalist, I am an avid researcher and endeavor to skillfully weave truth in among fictional story lines. I love exploring the American West, especially ghost towns and museums. I have walked parts of the Oregon Trail, ridden horses through the Rockies, climbed to the top of Independence Rock, and even held an outlaw’s note in my hand.

I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina on a steady diet of Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and John Wayne Westerns. My most fond childhood memory is of sitting next to my daddy, munching on popcorn, and watching Lucas McCain unload that Winchester! My daddy also taught me to shoot and, trust me, I can sew buttons on with my rifle.

I can be reached several different ways:

I am a proud member of Western Writers of America.

My novels are all Christian Western Romance because this is the genre that lets me write about strong, pioneer women and men who struggle to find God and then live out their faith in real ways. Like good old fashioned Westerns, there is always justice, a moral message, American values, lots of high adventure, unexpected plot twists, and more than a touch of suspense. Of course, romance is always a strong element in my stories because it is such a beautiful gift from God and a perfect reflection of how he loves us: sacrificially and lavishly. My stories aren’t preachy or cheesy, but I hope they are inspirational, heart-warming, realistic, illuminating, and glorifying to God.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Heather Blanton and ENT appreciate it.


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