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by Greg on October 14, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is a highly rated bargain Kindle book that is on sale! Road Rash by Simon Janus (aka Simon Wood) has a great 4.1 star rating and is only 99 cents – regular price $1.99!

Make sure to check this one out while it’s less than a dollar, especially if you haven’t read anything by Simon Janus (Wood) yet – you won’t be disappointed. All of his books have very high ratings and rave reviews.

“I loved this book, very exicting and faced paced. I would recommend this book to everyone I know. So many twists and turns.” R.C. – Amazon Reviewer

Road Rash
by Simon Janus
Rating: 4.1 Stars
Category: Suspense/Thriller
Price: $0.99 Save $1


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James Straley might think his life is cursed, but it doesn’t compare to what lies ahead of him on life’s highway. He’s on the run with the proceeds of a botched bank robbery. It’s all he has. His crew is dead and his getaway car just died on him. He’s on foot with the cash when he comes across a two-car pileup. There’s no saving the drivers, but he can save himself by stealing one of the wrecked cars. Unfortunately, he boosts the wrong set of wheels. Within an hour of driving off, he develops a rash that eats away at his flesh. No doctor can help him—only the car’s original owner. If Straley wants his skin back, he must journey on the road to redemption, which ends in the heart of Central America.

Simon Janus is the horror identity for the award winning thriller writer, Simon Wood.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone. I love short stories with a twist and a kick. Alfred said, Give them pleasure – the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare. Road Rash will give you pleasure all the way to the end. Simon can create tension and suspense. You hate Straley and then you feel sorry for him! This is a page turner and would have been a hit on the Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I could not turn off the Kindle until I finished Road Rash…


If you think this is a simple retelling of Stephen King’s “The Lonesome Death Of Jody Verrill”, you’ll have to guess again, Road Rash is much better and the extended ending is not only unexpected, but is way cool. If you enjoyed Wood’s “The Scrubs”, you are going to love “Road Rash”.


… what an amazing twist this tale takes. You never see the direction, Simon Wood is going to take the main character, until the very last second! Another fabulous read by a gifted storyteller!

Get Road Rash here: Road Rash

About The Author

Simon Wood is an ex-racecar driver, a licensed pilot and an occasional private investigator. He has had over 150 stories and articles published. His short fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies, and has garnered him an Anthony Award and a CWA Dagger Award nomination, as well as several readers’ choice awards. He’s a frequent contributor to Writer’s Digest. He’s the author of WORKING STIFFS, ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN, PAYING THE PIPER, WE ALL FALL DOWN, TERMINATED and ASKING FOR TROUBLE. As Simon Janus, he’s the author of THE SCRUBS and ROAD RASH. His next thriller is DID NOT FINISH out in September. Curious people can learn more at

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Simon Janus and ENT appreciate it.

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