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by Ron on December 13, 2016

Today’s Book of the Day is a Thriller and Suspense novel by Amazon bestselling author John Nicholl and it’s 67% off for a limited time. Portraits of the Dead has a 4.2 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“Portraits Of The Dead is one heck of an adrenaline rush that is a must read for the true diehard psychological thriller junkie!” -Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Portraits of the Dead
by John Nicholl
Rating: 4.2 Stars
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.99 save $2


Amazon Bestselling Author

The greater the evil, the more deadly the game…

When Emma awakens in total darkness, she is aware of her nakedness. Injuries. A bed not her own. A blindingly bright light suddenly pierces the blackness and a disembodied male voice calls her “Venus”. Venus – the goddess of love, beauty, sex and desire. He says she is “Venus Six”. What does this predator want from her? Can she outwit the masked man who demands to be called “Master”? Or will he be looking for Venus Seven?

Detective Inspector Gravel finds himself floundering when a local nineteen-year-old university student is abducted and imprisoned by a sadistic serial killer who has already tortured and killed at least five young women.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Brilliant. With this tense, harrowing, edge of your seat tale John Nicholl triumphs again. Very well written, this is story telling at its honest, unflinching best.


Ingenious and blood-curdling. The story is very gripping and tense. A clever original plot, great characters, non-stop tension and a very satisfying ending.


Wow, wow, wow! I love a good thriller, especially when it has tones of mystery, horror and a serial killer or two thrown in. This book starts off with a hint of a creepy peeper and quickly moved into the stage of abduction and investigations. You are thrown straight in, rushing to to try and understand a world where a safe haven becomes your worst nightmare.


Stalking, abduction and a serial killer combined to present an excellent tension filled story. A lovely style, it’s always good to read a writer who can write. A good contrast between alternate chapters of the unfamiliar world of the captor and the real-life feel of the policing world; the latter with the sardonic and tongue in cheek humour of policing.


A serial killer chiller not to be missed! Another brilliant book from the pen of John Nicholl. Highly recommended reading.

Get Portraits of the Dead here: Portraits of the Dead

About The Author

John Nicholl, an ex police officer, child protection social worker, manager and lecturer, has written three dark psychological suspense thrillers, each of which are Amazon international bestsellers, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John is always happy to hear from readers, bloggers or anyone interested in proposing a joint creative project.

He can be contacted via his author website at:

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – John Nicholl and ENT appreciate it.


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