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by Greg on August 1, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is actually a collection of Horror stories that fans of psycological Horror will love! Pandora’s Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 1 by Brad Convissar is the first volume which features 11 short tales of horror. After reading those, you’ll probably want to read Volume 2 which can be found here: Pandora’s Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 2

“I was quite surprised by how good these short stories were. They were quite engrossing and varied, which was nice.” – Amazon reviewer

Pandora’s Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 1
by Brad Convissar
Category: Horror
Price: $2.99
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For the first time, the twenty-two stories found in the six-book Pandora’s Children collection have been combined into two easy-to-navigate volumes.

If you are a fan of psychological horror, these books are for you; two dozen dark tales where men become monsters, monsters become men, and no one is ever truly safe from others or themselves. Within these two volumes, you will discover ghosts, demons and monsters, evil men, madmen and broken men, a wood-chipper, Santa Claus and yes, a handful of dentists. Each book contains eleven stories plus a bonus preview, over 90,000 words (almost 400 pages) of disturbing, provocative tales which will make you think long after you’re done reading.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

“The Madame Penitent” is something truly special. The plot alone would make it worthwhile but it is so much more than that. Evocatively written, the prose in this story feels more like poetry (and I mean that in a good way ;)). The good doctor delivers!”- Amazon review (story originally published in Pandora’s Children Book 3: Death Bleeds Into Life)


The stories possess a subtly to their “horror” while at the same time, keep the reader intrigued and wanting more… These stories are meant to excite and entertain, to give the reader a spook and make them think twice before turning off their light at bed time- Amazon review of Pandora’s Children: Dark Interludes (4 stories from this collection appear in this book)


I am just going to say if u are like me and have an affinitity for short stories you should check these out… there was some subtle beauty them, esp the one about the earthquake victim- Amazon review of Pandora’s Children: Dark Interludes (4 stories from this collection appear in this book)

Get Pandora’s Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 1 here: Pandora’s Children: The Complete Nightmares Book 1

About The Author

When I think of my own stories in terms of themes, I think of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Peter Straub and Richard Matheson. These are men who not only know how to evoke a sense of terror in you, but also know how to make you stop and think about what you just read once you are done. This is my goal as well; once you put your eReader down or turn the computer off, I want my words to linger in your mind. I want you to stop for a moment or two and consider the moral and psychological implications of the situations the characters find themselves in. I want you to read between the lines and consider what is not written. I want the horror to be subtle, insidious and disturbing. I want you to feel as if you’re more than just a spectator, but part of the action. I want you there, experiencing it all on a visceral level. I want you to be affected by what you read.


Let’s see… truth be told, I’ve had a relatively dull life. I was born on an army base in Georgia where I spent the first three years of my life.

I grew up in NJ then spent four years in New Orleans earning my degree in evolutionary biology. After experiencing my first Mardi Gras, I swore that I would get out of town the next three years. And I did. Mardi Gras is a freaking nightmare.

After undergrad, I returned to NJ for dental school. I moved around Northern Jersey during my four years. Lived in Newark my sophomore year in one of the nicer sections (no part of Newark is actually nice, only nicer in relative terms to the rest of the city). Now, when I lived in New Orleans, I parked by car in the deepest, darkest, dankest parts of the French Quarter and never had it broken into. After three months in Newark (the nicer part, mind you), someone stole my stereo I had proudly installed myself three years earlier. At least they had the decency to remove the plastic console to take the stereo out instead of cutting it out. Oh, and the following year, when living in Edison, NJ, I was woken up one Sunday morning at eight o’clock by two men in biohazard suits. Read more about this over at my blog, if you care to.

I currently live in southern Jersey with my wife, two children, and diabetic Daschund who has developed premature cataracts (a temperamental, partly blind dog and two young children don’t mix very well).

I always felt that you can learn something about a person based on the CDs in their car. Well, right now I am listening to Disturbed’s new album Asylum, Chevelles’ newest album Sci-fi Crimes, Three Day’s Grace latest Life Starts Now and Hollywood Undead.

Favorite TV? Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Modern Family, Lie to Me (the only show I need to use closed captioning on; Tim Roth is a bitch to understand!).

I love my Wii and DS, I still read comic books, and I have a fanatical devotion for The Phillies and The Eagles.

So there you are, folks, a portrait of Dr. Bradley Convissar.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Brad Convissar and ENT appreciate it.

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