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by Greg on November 14, 2011

Today, we have a very highly rated Fantasy novel for our Book Of The Day. Pale Queen’s Courtyard (Moonlit Cities) by Marcin Wrona has an outstanding 4.8 star rating and is only $2.99!

“I truly enjoyed this book immensely! I’m very much stuck in my ways when it comes to books, and I’ll read my favorite over and over without reading anything new. This book is really going to be on my favorites list!” Stacy E. – Smashwords Reviewer

Pale Queen’s Courtyard (Moonlit Cities)
by Marcin Wrona
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Category: Fantasy
Price: $2.99
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Kamvar, a soldier, has lost his way. Leonine, a thief and sorcerer, has forgotten that he had one to lose.

When the daughter of a High Priest finds herself exiled and hunted across the entirety of conquered Ekka, both men will remember who they are, and the country’s invaders will learn that memories, unlike temples, are not so easily torn down.

Pale Queen’s Courtyard is the first novel by Canadian author Marcin Wrona, and a finalist in SciFiNow’s 2009 War of the Words.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I enjoyed The Pale Queen’s Courtyard a great deal. It has none of the problems one associates with self-published fiction – the prose is tight and clean, it’s an original take on the fantasy genre with strong characterization and able writing. If you’ve got one of these Kindle things, or a some other compatible device, I highly recommend checking it out.


I found this story well written and captivating. The main characters are well developed and the story flows well. I found myself not wanted to put it down until the end and can’t wait for the next book. It is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good read.


Why You Should Read This: Wrona has a talent for bringing unknown lands to life. Leonine is the perfect antihero–unwilling, unwanted, but needed despite his best efforts to avoid the responsibilities foisted upon him. Kamvar is easy to relate to in his love for family and faith. Ilasin, the young girl in question, is just as enjoyable and her relationship with the thief is inspiring. My only regret about reading this book is I wish I would have read it a few months from now when I have more time to really enjoy it. I will likely go back and re-read it so I can get the full effect.

Get Pale Queen’s Courtyard here: Pale Queen’s Courtyard (Moonlit Cities)

About The Author

I was hooked on phonics even before I caught a glance of the other end of the Berlin Wall.

When my father read to me, I pointed at this combination of letters and that and asked what sound it made, in the hope that I might eliminate the middle-man and read at my own monomaniacal toddler pace.

When my mother took me with her to the store, I would stand ramrod straight, puffed up with all the gravitas of a three-year-old who has something important to say, and would recite to all and sundry the poems that I, armed with my new knowledge of ‘rz’s and ‘ci’s, had learned.

I devoted myself to words and their placement in sequence well before I knew that I’d done so, and though there have been times when this love has waned and times when it has waxed, it has never faded away.

Thank you for allowing me to share it.


Marcin Wrona is a Polish-born Canadian author, a multiple immigrant, a mustachio-twirling financier, and many other things besides. He lives and works in Toronto.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Marcin Wrona and ENT appreciate it.

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