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by Greg on April 12, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a very highly rated Vampire Thriller. Original Blood by Stuart Land has an outstanding 4.8 star rating and is only $2.99! All of the reviews for this one are great – just like the one below – so make sure to check this one out.

“STUART LAND had me turning page after page in awe, anticipating the next bite on my neck, feeling the blood being sucked from every vein and artery in my body. I was facinated as I read this tightly woven tale of fiction to the point Gailene, Fenton, Jeremiah, the twins, and Zondra seemed so real to me. I purchased and read the Kindle Edition – NOW, I have to purchase the REAL BOOK to place in a prominent position on my bookshelves. I certainly will be reading STUART LAND as long as he keeps on writing.” Michael Phelps – Author

Original Blood
by Stuart Land
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Category: Vampire/Historical Thriller
Price: $2.99


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ORIGINAL BLOOD is the delicious, but tormenting tale of Zondra and Gailene as they turned into vampires against their will. Separated by two centuries but bound by familial blood that threatens to destroy the vampire nation, Zondra experiences a mind-bending skewed Cinderella story with hot motorcycles, limitless money, and ancient mansions teeming with the undead, while Gailene must rise from devastation, rage, and vengeance to become a powerful vampire leader in the New World. Both women have to overcome their circumstances, one of privilege, one of destitution, to gain the power that will save them and the man they both love from the retribution of their creator.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I wish I could put my finger on what exactly made this one of the best reading experiences of 2011 for me but it seems elusive. The story moves at a decent pace and it never got boring for me. The take on vampires is original but not radical. The story covering so many years and the building of a vampire fortune and empire was amazing. It was amazing to see the love story you knew was there that kept eluding you for so long finally brought to fruition.

BOTTOM LINE: This is amazing and unique reading experience, it is NOT something you need to try to read while your attention is diverted, it is serious reading and truly rewarding in all aspects. 5/5 Stars


Mr. Land’s story is captivating. His writing is forceful, drawing the reader in to be a participant. I felt like I lived every scene, experiencing every event, feeling breathless at the sensual and remarkable love that spans lifetimes… A stellar book, one you should add to your to be read pile. A birdie told me, there might be a sequel. One can only hope!


5 STARS isn’t enough for ORIGINAL BLOOD! A terrific book. Attention to historic detail & descriptive words are outstanding. Character development is pure perfection!


It’s indeed original. Stuart Land shows such love for one of horror’s icons. The audaciousness is wonderful and so mesmerizing. It’s a fine book, written with style, dignity and class.

Get Original Blood here: Original Blood

About The Author

Stuart’s story ideas come from his vivid imagination, but his inspiration draws from both extensive world travel and his varied and fascinating careers. He left the US military as an x-ray technician and did an about face in civilian life to become a hairstylist. His desire to experience the harder edge of life brought him into the Washington D.C. Police Department.

To capture the gritty sights Stuart saw, he took up photography and left the force to pursue that dream in NYC. Later, he met a metal sculptor and became so intrigued, he converted a chicken coop in the woods into a live-in studio and taught himself the technique. From that humble beginning, the rudimentary craft expanded into the fine arts with sculptures in bronze and fiberglass and shows across the US, England and Thailand.

His passion for all arts soon segued into other areas: costume designer (top 100 designers in the book, Fashion: 2001); a modeling agency art director; fashion show designer; and on to become a top sculptor for special effects, sets and props in the entertainment industry with work in over thirty major films, hotels and theme parks worldwide. Stuart’s passion for art crossed boundaries into water feature design and computer illustration.

During Stuart’s film career, he learned screenwriting skills firsthand, writing well over a dozen screenplays. To reach deeper into character and environment, Stuart took up narrative fiction where he’s completed many short stories and five novels. His writing has placed high in many contests and his screenplays optioned.

He continues on the journey.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Stuart Land and ENT appreciate it.

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1 Douglas Meeks April 13, 2012 at 12:03 am

I anxiously await the sequel to this amazing book, I might say more but since my review is already posted above it would be redundant 🙂 A true 5 Star effort and there are very few of them around in this genre.

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