Book Of The Day – Once Upon A Closet

by Greg on September 15, 2011

Here’s a bargain Kindle book which also happens to be today’s Book Of The Day. Once Upon A Closet (A Spicy Romantic Fantasy) by Shamara Tourmaline is a Paranormal Romance that is only 99 cents!

Once Upon A Closet (A Spicy Romantic Fantasy)
by Shamara Tourmaline
Category: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Price: $0.99


There’s something very strange going on in Alexa’s bedroom closet.

All she wanted was a music CD to help her forget about the realistic, erotic dreams she’s been having for almost a year. The next thing she knows, she’s falling through a magical portal and into the very large bed of the man she’s been dreaming about–a warrior mage who proclaims she’s the only woman he could ever love.

Prince-Regent Nygel is puzzled: the spell he cast to conjure the magical Tube between his world and hers is supposed to bring the woman of his dreams madly in love with him and ready to get married. It brings him all he’s ever desired in a mate, for sure, but the lushly fleshed Alexa Mark declares she doesn’t want to get married. Ever! This presents a problem, since Nygel has another reason to woo Alexa: he needs his true love to join with him in order to break the curse of an evil wizard and save the kingdom from a horrible curse of death.

Through the magical Tube linking the world of Blue Haven to Alexa’s closet in Bend, Oregon, a frustrated Prince Charming chases the woman of his dreams. Nygel must convince Alexa that the love between them is real before it’s too late. And Alexa remains firmly convinced he is the product of her fertile and overactive imagination, like really, what bronzed handsome hunk who looked as if he stepped from the cover of a romance novel would want an overweight, eccentric would-be novelist anyway?

This story offers humor, spicy romance, magic and the hopeful promise that for every woman–no matter her size or age–there is a man who thinks she is the perfect love goddess of his dreams.

Get Once Upon A Closet here: Once Upon A Closet (A Spicy Romantic Fantasy)

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Shamara Tourmaline and ENT appreciate it.

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