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by Greg on November 2, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a collection of 3 highly rated Mystery books from #1 Bestselling author, Scott Nicholson. Mystery Dance: Three Novels has an excellent 4.7 star rating and is on sale for only $1.99 – save $5!

“I am a huge Scott Nicholson fan! In this bundle you get three great books for the price of one! This set will make you a long time fan. Nicholson has very descriptive, fully developed characters that will stay with you even as you read the last words of the stories!” JP – Amazon Reviewer

Mystery Dance: Three Novels
by Scott Nicholson
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $1.99 save $5


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MYSTERY DANCE: An omnibus edition containing more than 200,000 words.

Features the complete text of the #1 bestselling mystery and suspense novel Disintegration, The Skull Ring, Crime Beat, a short story, a bonus deleted chapter from Disintegration, and an essay about the novels.

DISINTEGRATION– Two brothers view for a family empire built on deceit, dark secrets, and blood, and one woman stands between them while another waits in the shadows. Jacob’s life falls apart when his brother Joshua returns to town after a tragic fire and they return to the twisted roles of their childhood.

THE SKULL RING– Julia Stone pieces together her shattered childhood memories, but then the past comes closing in when she finds a mysterious silver ring. Three men want to help her, but choosing the wrong ally can cost not only her heart but her soul.

CRIME BEAT– Crime doesn’t pay…but neither does journalism. When a new reporter moves to a small town, a crime spree escalates into serial killing.

Also contains “Dead Air” from the collection CURTAINS. DRM free.
Scott Nicholson is a #1 bestselling Kindle author in Mystery, Suspense, and Ghosts, including the Stoker Award finalist The Red Church, Speed Dating with the Dead, The Harvest, Liquid Fear, Drummer Boy, As I Die Lying, and six collections, two screenplays, and the picture book If I Were Your Monster. He’s also written four books with J.R. Rain.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

What made me fall in love with Scott’s writing is found here. I enjoy books with deep characters, and these three books don’t disappoint! The stories are well written and are easy to read. Crime Beat is my favorite, followed closely by Disintegration and the Skull Ring. All three books are worth easily full paperback price. Great deal by a great author. Try him. You won’t regret it.


This is one author that aims to kill and never misses.


The way Scott starts out his novels has you on the edge of your seat and then he proceeds to keep you there to the point that you don’t want to put the book down until you’re finished. The characters are solid and believeable, and the action is intense. Highly recommend to any thriller lover!


Nobody thrills like Nicholson does. Nobody.


What a ride!!!!! Reminded me of Steven King! I had a hard time putting this book down because all the twists and turns kept me guessing all along… I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it.

Get Mystery Dance here: Mystery Dance: Three Novels

About The Author

I believe the writer only creates half the story, and that you complete it by bringing your imagination, experience, and heart to the tale. I am happy to share the journey with you.

I’ve written more than 20 novels, about 80 short stories, four children’s books, some comic books, screenplays, and a couple of non-fiction books, as well as five collaborations with J.R. Rain. Many of my tales are based on supernatural legends from the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and I also write mystery and suspense thrillers that are most often compared to the work of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

I’ve also published Liquid Fear and Chronic Fear with Amazon’s Thomas & Mercer imprint, as well as a number of audiobooks and foreign translations. I love hearing from you, because you’re the reason I do this, so let’s connect! More at

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Scott Nicholson and ENT appreciate it.

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