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by Ron on June 5, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Womens Fiction novel by Leona Bryant and it’s 67% off for a limited time. Miller’s Island has a 4.7 star rating and is on sale for only $1.99 – save $4!

“Ms. Bryant does a remarkable job weaving together a multi-generational love story of the Beaupre family. This book has just enough of everything, to make it a book for everybody.” Celia – Amazon Reviewer

Miller’s Island
by Leona Bryant
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Womens Fiction
Price: $1.99 save $4


Hurt feelings severed the relationship between Mari and her sister following the tragic deaths of their parents. A single mom, Mari has dedicated her life to her daughter and avoided her sister since the reading of her parent’s will. In desperate need of rest and relaxation, Mari decides to use the beach house she inherited for the first time since her parent’s deaths. Located on the island Mari loved so much that she named her daughter after it.

Doing so causes a chain of events that begin soon after her arrival on the island. First, her daughter believes that the house is haunted–lights that randomly turn on, whispers on the wind and rooms that no longer exist, exist. Next, Mari discovers she’s not the only one in search of much-needed vacation time. Her estranged sister, her quirky aunt, and the visitor only Mari’s daughter can see – all make appearances and change the course of all their plans.

To complicate matters, an old flame is rekindled and Mari is left trying to make sense of it all. Can all be forgiven​ or are some sins completely unforgivable? Will all the shattered and missing pieces ​of their lives finally come together and bring ​peace to this family?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This is one awesome book, exactly what I look for in a story. I love the different point of views in the story so I get a glimpse into each character. I was emotionally invested, hoping the sisters would make up and be a happy family again, I couldn’t put the book down until the end.


Leona Bryant has the novelist skill of making her characters known to us as if the are our own flesh and blood. She builds tension though precisely drawn scenes and adroit dialogue until our fingers burn flipping the pages to find out what is going to happen next.


What a truly well written and wonderful book “Miller’s Island” is. Such a strong and powerful novel that realistically addresses everything from family dysfunction, child out of wedlock, deep rooted misunderstandings, mental illness, family bonds, and the love that brings family together even at the worst of times. Welded throughout this novel is ancient history and the stories of the generations of families who have come before.


Miller’s Island is a simple story with a finely executed plot. There’s romance, anger, frustration, some chills and even enough tension to keep you wondering what will unfold on the next page. My favorite book by this author!


Leona Bryant’s Miller’s Island is an excellent exploration of family feelings and values. Mari and Teresa work through a lifetime of misunderstandings and skewed perceptions. It’s a great story of empathy, forgiveness, and letting go.

Get Miller’s Island here: Miller’s Island

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Leona Bryant and ENT appreciate it.


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