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by Greg on May 19, 2011

Here is a highly rated bargain Kindle book for you to enjoy and it’s today’s Book Of The Day. Midnight Reflections, a Mystery/Thriller, by Pamela M. Richter has a great 4.3 star rating and costs only 99 cents!

The plot of this full length novel was unique, engaging and wonderfully executed with romance, action and suspense. It was a captivating fast paced story that had me glued to my Kindle until the end.
– mwalter – Amazon

Midnight Reflections
by Pamela M. Richter
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Category: Mystery & Thrillers
Price: $0.99


Julia’s midnight reflections actually happened about four in the morning. She was far from home, lonely, watching a handsome man sleeping in her bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Robin, the handsome sleeping man, had put himself in terrible danger so she could solve a mystery. She had managed to rescue him, but now she was feeling guilty as hell.

Julia was playing a dangerous undercover role herself, working to complete her late brother’s manuscript for a famous movie producer, while trying to find out why her brother was murdered. The other mystery was who this man, Robin, really was. She feared he might be much more than the simple mechanic he proclaimed himself to be. Can she really trust him?

Robin, while helping her in the investigation, actually is playing a role of his own, hiding his true identity, trying to win her heart.

Together, Julia and Robin manage to uncover information so explosive they are forced to flee a furiously angry and influential politician, who rules an army of people willing to do anything to get in his good graces. Even murder.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I read this romance, even though it is a full length novel, in two days. I just couldn’t put it down because the pace was fast and it was so much fun. The book seemed real because the heroine and hero were not put in situations that seemed contrived or unreal. The author had a good sense of humor throughout, and you could really feel the pain the Julia went through to try to find a reason and justice for a tragedy in her family.


I really enjoyed this book. It was very realistic and well written. Lots of suspense and action with a romantic story line. Its a book I didn’t want to put down. In fact, I put off reading the last chapter because I didn’t want it to end. But alas, I couldn’t help myself and finished the book. A nice ending. It left me with a good feeling.


All in all, this reader found this book great for a new aurthor and if you are looking for a fast paced read that holds your interesting from begining to end, M.R. will not dissappoint! Midnight Reflections is highly recommended for those who are into either and/or both mystery suspense and romanice suspence. They are a great blend in this book.

Well done, Pamela M. Richter! Can’t wait for the next one.

Get Midnight Reflections here: Midnight Reflections

About The Author

Pamela Mary is an author living in West Hollywood California. She has a degree in Psychology, from Northridge State University. She has worked as a property manager for Nansay, Corp. a multi-national corporation, been a dance teacher for Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance Studios. While in college she worked as a bunny at the San Francisco Playboy Club. She has three novels available on Amazon Kindle.

The Living Image
The Necromancer
Midnight Reflections
Comments and questions are welcome at: pam.richter @

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Pamela M. Richter and ENT appreciate it.

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