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by Greg on May 22, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Women’s Fiction novel by Cynthia J. Stone. Mason’s Daughter has a 4.1 star rating and is only $2.99!

“Mason’s Daughter creates a magical experience in which its reader is hooked from the start. The spell-binding story does not let the reader stop until the end is reached. I devoured the book and then shared it with my book club…” Nat N. – Amazon Reviewer

Mason’s Daughter
by Cynthia J. Stone
Rating: 4.1 Stars
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Price: $2.99


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Sally Mason’s teenage son Colton is headed for a major meltdown, and she’s desperate to avert another disaster by proving her husband’s recent death was an accident, not the suicide determined by the coroner. Everyone in town, even Colton, seems to know something particular about Jack’s last days, but no one in Mason’s Crossing can help her put all the pieces together.

On the morning she discovers secret notes in Jack’s appointment book, she finds something else to convince her she’s right. But the more she digs for the truth, the more destructive Colton’s behavior becomes, until Sally is left with one choice: ask her father what really happened.

The problem: Sally hasn’t spoken to him in fifteen years.

Includes a Reading Group Discussion Guide

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This story drew me into life in Mason’s Crossing! I found myself smiling, laughing and crying with the characters! I could not put it down. I absolutely loved it!


Mason’s Daughter brings to life the results of secrets and trauma that affect everyone involved. The pages seem to turn themselves. The language is evocative and true-to-life. Surprises and events that lend themselves to self-reflection and healing. The ending left me both with a feeling of resolution and curiosity regarding threads that hopefully will carry-on in a sequel. Kudos!


Very easy to follow, thoroughly enjoyable. Great plot, interesting character development. I read a lot and my taste is quite eclectic. I found this to be an exciting, fresh work. Had a great time reading it!


What a wonderful story with an interesting and appropriate ending! I was intrigued throughout the entire book as I laughed and cried and wondered how things were going to turn out for the family. I found myself either identifying with or empathizing with all of the characters at different times, which piqued my interest and made the novel very realistic. A great read!


Couldn’t put this book down. This story is told with such wit and poignancy. Mason’s Daughter left me wanting more from this author. I hope there is a sequel because I want to know where these compelling characters are going next.

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About The Author

Cynthia Stone believes she and Sting were twins separated at birth, because they share the same birthday and original last name. Since she’s a native Austinite, some complications in proving their kinship are sure to arise. All of which provides creative fodder for the family sagas she loves to write. Cynthia wrote her first story at age five and has continued to indulge that Muse ever since. Her checkered career includes magazine publishing, copywriting, professional fundraising for the fine arts, antiques importing, and interior decorating. She still lives in Austin with her ever-patient husband, Gerald, a restaurateur.

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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Cynthia J. Stone and ENT appreciate it.


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