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by Greg on August 29, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Mystery by award-winning author Phyllis Smallman. Margarita Nights (A Sherri Travis Mystery) has a great 4.4 star rating and is only $1.99!

“This is a terrific Book, with snappy dialog, rapid pacing and characters you’d love to meet in a beach bar. Back when Janet Evanovich was still writing fresh, original material she was this good.” Lindor Reynolds~ Winnipeg Free Press~

Margarita Nights (A Sherri Travis Mystery)
by Phyllis Smallman
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Category: Mystery
Price: $1.99


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Margarita Nights is a cozy with grit — serving Jack Daniels instead of tea.

In a small Florida beach town, Sherri Travis is a bartender with attitude and a woman with an inconveniently murdered husband who turns out to be as much trouble to her dead as he was alive.

Sifting through the debris of Jimmy’s life, Sherri finds more than a few people who wanted her lying, scheming, scam artist husband gone — but which one actually did the deed?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

… “characters you’d love to have a drink with and a sense of place that captures the essence of the Sunshine State.” Don Graves ~ Hamilton Spectator~


This terrific cozy serves Long Island tea as Sherri goes from sarcastic doubter to griever (for both Jimmy and Andy) to lover to killer pursuer. She makes the tale fun with her sass, spunk and spitfire sleuthing. The support cast is super also as the island community in the mind of Jimmy’s mom is divided into three groups: the rich, the servant class from the other side of the causeway and the trailer trash. Phyllis Smallman provides an entertaining Florida west coast amateur sleuth with a touch of romance.


All the characters in this book, although numerous, are all well crafted and defined. You won’t want to miss the ‘reunion’ at the Sunset Bar when the people of Sherri’s life sort out their individual parts. Smallman describes it as ‘The air was charged with energy as if an electrical storm was about to crack open the room’. All of this, plus a great look at the Florida coastline and surrounding towns ensure a very enjoyable read.


Pleasantly surprised to find Margarita Nights very entertaining. Worth the price…and more. Really like the characters and anxious to learn how they develop thru the series.

Get Margarita Nights here: Margarita Nights (A Sherri Travis Mystery)

About The Author

…Good Morning America…picked the Sherri Travis series as one of the top six for a summer read in 2010.

Phyllis Smallman’s debut mystery, MARGARITA NIGHTS,was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger by the Crime Writers of the UK, nominated for the Malice Domestic in the US and won the first ever Arthur Ellis award for Unhanged Arthur. The Crime Writers of Canada also shortlisted Margarita Nights for best first novel.

Sex in a Sidecar and A Brewski For The Old Man followed. January Magazine named A BREWSKI FOR THE OLD MAN in the 10 best mysteries of 2010.

Champagne for Buzzards, the 4th book in the series, will be out in the US in 2011.
Phyllis Smallman was a potter, spending much of her time on a beach in Florida, before moving to British Columbia and turning to a life of crime.

“characters you’d love to have a drink with and a sense of place that captures the essence of the Sunshine State”…The Hamilton Spectator

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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Phyllis Smallman and ENT appreciate it.

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