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by Greg on September 28, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a Historical Fiction novel by Lisa Zhang Wharton. Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square has a 3.9 star rating and is only $2.99!

“Intriguing characters, political and personal scandal, and the insights of one young Chinese student’s heart make Lisa Zhang Wharton’s Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square a novel you won’t want to put down.” B.D. – Amazon Reviewer

Last Kiss In Tiananmen Square
by Lisa Zhang Wharton
Rating: 3.9 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
Price: $2.99


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“Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square” is a novel based on the 1989 Tiananmen Square Pro-democracy movement. The novel follows a young woman, Baiyun, a junior in college, trying to reconcile her upbringing while in the midst of the rising political movement in Beijing, China.

Baiyun grew up in a strange and cold household. In order to cope with her dysfunctional family, Baiyun worked as hard as she could, eventually getting herself in the prestigious Beijing University.

Baiyun joined the Pro-democracy movement to vent her frustrations. While protesting, she met the man of her dreams, Dagong, a handsome and charismatic factory technician who was orphaned at birth and lost his only relative during the Cultural Revolution. But even Dagong couldn’t fully take Baiyun away: his face reminded her of one of her mother’s lovers, both attracting her and drawing her back.

“Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square” is a coming-of age story set against the historic and devastating era in Chinese history. With the cultural significance and family bonds of “The Kite Runner”, this book explores the way in which one’s past is never forgotten.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

This novel works on many levels. In addition to being a simple love story with a backdrop of world events, it’s a close-up look at the lasting effects of the Cultural Revolution on everyday Chinese families and an intriguing exploration of historical events. It’s truly a must-read for all audiences.


I highly recommend this to anyone who loves modern literature, and especially those who love anything about China, as I do.


This story stayed with me for days and Lisa Zhang Wharton wrote a beautiful story, and told it with an authentic voice.


Author Lisa Zhang Wharton has spun a lovely and tragic tale in her novel. Knowing little of Chinese life or Tiananmen Square, it now seems a bit as if I have been there. Being so removed, I was almost mysteriously pulled along by the story, learning and wanting-to-learn-more about both the historical setting and about the characters.


With cultural detail and vivid imagery, Zhang Wharton’s scenes and dialogue offer a window into a historical event as broad as students’ movements everywhere and as intimate as her heroine’s blossoming sexuality and inner transformation to become part of a cause so much greater than herself. The tensions of love, social justice and politics build together seamlessly toward a powerful ending – we may know the facts, but here is the insider’s story.

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About The Author

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Lisa Zhang Wharton is a graduate of Peking University and University of Minnesota. She is an engineer by education and an author by avocation. She has previously published several short stories about life in China in various literary magazines. Her short story “My Uncle” has won a second prize in a WICE sponsored Paris Writer’s Workshop. “Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square” is her first full-length novel.

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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Lisa Zhang Wharton and ENT appreciate it.

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