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by Ron on January 16, 2017

Today’s Book of the Day is a Historical Romance boxed set by Chris Karlsen and it’s 83% off for a limited time. Knights in Time Boxed Set has a 4.6 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $5!

“Well worth the money and the read!! I very seldom give a five star review but I have to admit—I absolutely loved this series.” Teri – Amazon Reviewer

Knights in Time Boxed Set
by Chris Karlsen
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99 save $5


Knights in Time Boxed Set – Nook
Knights in Time Boxed Set – Kobo

Bestselling series, together for the first time in a boxed set.

Three friends…warrior knights, One battle will change their lives, Love will change their worlds.


Elinor Hawthorne has inherited a house haunted by two medieval knights, Basil Manneville and Guy Guiscard. Basil is literally the knight of her dreams. She never expected to “meet” a ghost face to face let alone fall in love with one. Living the normal life together that they’d want is impossible unless fate

A lifetime later fate does intervene. Basil, still in love with Elinor, is told her spirit lives on in a young woman. He is given another chance at life to find her.


The budding romance between London attorney, Shakira Constantine, and her client, Alex Lancaster is put to the test when the couple finds themselves torn through time back to the medieval world. It’s a world Alex has a strong connection to, a connection that will cost him his life unless they can find a way to return to this time. Without him, Shakira is condemned to live in a dangerous medieval world alone.

Together they’ll struggle to discover a way back to the modern world while dealing with the political and social intrigues of 14th Century England. The intrigues of that world all too often work against their efforts to get home.


Stephen Palmer, a wounded medieval knight finds himself torn through time from the battlefield to the modern and alien world.

Seriously injured, he now must make his way in a world he has no context for and no knowledge about.

Esme Crippen is hired as his tutor. Love is something he does understand and as the two fall into love, they both must overcome the fact the world thinks him mad with his time-travel talk, including Esme.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

These books were so delightful on so many levels that I felt like each was better than the previous one. I laughed at loud on more than one occasion and got teary at other times. These books just hit the right note on time travel and I thoroughly recommend them.


A truly addictive, escapist read. I loved this series as it ticked so many boxes for me, romance, time travel, ghost story and medieval romance. Whether you are a fan of any of these genres or not, either way, ‘Knights In Time’ won’t fail to entertain.


You can tell the author did her research–lots of great detail. I enjoyed all of these books immensely and highly recommend them.


Time travel romance at it’s best! I absolutely loved these stories and know I will go back and read them again in the future. Chris Karlsen has a gift for taking you into the story and making you feel like you are right there watching the characters in person. This set is a must read for anyone who enjoys a time travel romance set in both medieval and modern times.


These three stories are very interesting and very well written. Never a dull moment. Chapter to chapter keeps you in a thought-provoking mind set just wanting more.

Get Knights in Time Boxed Set here: Knights in Time Boxed Set

About The Author

Chris Karlsen is a retired police detective. She spent twenty-five years in law enforcement with two different agencies. The daughter of a history professor and a voracious reader, she grew up with a love of hisotry and books.
An internationally published author, Chris has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Near East, and North Africa satisfying her need to visit the places she read about. Having spent a great deal of time in England and Turkey, she has used her love of both places as settings for her books. “Heroes Live Forever,” which is her debut book, is set in England as is the sequel, “Journey in Time,” the third is “Knight Blindness.” They are part of her Knights in Time series. All three are available as a boxed set on Kindle. She is currently working on the fourth in the “Knights in Time,” series. “Golden Chariot,” is set in Turkey and the sequel, “Byzantine Gold” is set Turkey, Paris and Cyprus. They are part of her Dangerous Waters series.

Her most recent release is called, “Silk” and is book one of a new series, The Bloodstone Series. It is a suspense set in Victorian London.

Published by Books to Go Now, her novels are available in digital, ebook, and Android App. and in paperback. “Heroes Live Forever” is also in audio format.

A Chicago native, Chris has lived in Paris and Los Angeles and now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four rescue dogs. A city girl all her life, living in a small village on a bay was a interesting adjustment. She’d never lived anywhere so quiet at night and traffic wasn’t bumper to bumper 24/7.
Some of Chris’s favorite authors are: Michael Connolly, John Sandford, Joseph Wambaugh, Stephen Coonts, Bernard Cornwell, Julia Quinn, Julie Anne Long, Deanna Raybourne and Steve Berry.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Chris Karlsen and ENT appreciate it.


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