Book Of The Day – Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story

by Greg on May 25, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Memoir by Ingrid Ricks. Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story has an excellent 4.5 star rating and is on sale for only $2.99 – save $1 (25% off)!

“Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story is a stunning masterpiece by a first-time author. Though this is a memoir, it reads like a fictional story, with all the necessary literary elements including conflict, religious strife and character arcs. Brilliant, emotional, and aspirational, you feel empowered and inspired when you reach the last page.” –

Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story
by Ingrid Ricks
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Category: Memoir
Price: $2.99 Save $1 – 25% off


What would you do if your Mormon stepfather pinned you down and tried to cast Satan out of you? For thirteen-year-old Ingrid, the answer is simple: RUN.

Ingrid Ricks grew up in a dysfunctional Mormon family with an absent, freewheeling dad and an intensely religious mother who was desperate to ensure her family’s eternal salvation. For years she yearned to escape the suffocating religion and poverty at home by joining her dad on the road as tool-selling vagabond. When her parents divorce and her mother marries Earl–a cruel authoritarian who exploits his Church-ordained priesthood powers to oppress her family–she finally gets her wish. At age thirteen, Ingrid begins spending her summers hustling tools throughout the Midwest with her dad and his slimy, revolving sales crew. He becomes her lifeline and escape from Earl. But when her dad is arrested, she learns the lesson that will change her life: she can’t look to others to save her; she has to save herself.

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Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I started reading Hippie Boy almost as soon as I downloaded it on Saturday night and I was finished by Sunday afternoon. This book is that compelling. Ingrid’s storytelling is tight and engaging; I found myself drawn in to the action so quickly. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely, without question.


“A moving and inspiring story of a teenage girl who rises above the constraints of her oppressive family life. Five stars.” Maya Fleischmann, 2012


The author has done a remarkable job in writing a story that you feel fully invested in – she is real to me on every page. I loved reading this memoir. The journey with Ingrid is remarkable, and you’ll be rooting for her success every step of the way!


Hippie Boy is NOT a glorified journal. It’s a well written memoir so engaging that it could’ve come from one of the big publishers. I’ve recommended this book to several people and will continue to do so. Ricks has a talent for building tension and telling a fascinating story (her own).


I read this book in a day and just couldn’t put it down. What these poor kids endured! It was like the past coming together with the present. Well written and an easy read. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Ingrid Ricks for sharing your story.

Get Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story here: Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story

About The Author

Ingrid Ricks is a Seattle-based writer and speaker who focuses on overcoming adversity and embracing life.

She is currently partnering with a Seattle-area high school, using her memoir Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story as a guide to help at-risk teens claim their power by finding their voice and writing their stories. Working in collaboration with the school, she recently helped the students publish their personal stories in a powerful collection titled We Are Absolutely Not Okay: Fourteen Stories by Teenagers Who Are Picking Up the Pieces.

Ingrid lives with her husband and two daughters and when not writing, she can be found accompanying them to soccer games, ice hockey games or the beach. She also enjoys hanging out at her neighborhood jazz club or Aster, her all-time favorite coffee shop. For more information, visit

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Ingrid Ricks and ENT appreciate it.

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