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by Ron on August 12, 2014

Today’s Book of the Day is a Romantic Comedy novel by Cindy Procter-King and it’s 75% off for a limited time. Head Over Heels has a 4.1 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $3!

“I laughed and cheered, a delicious read.” Tracey – Amazon Reviewer

Head Over Heels
by Cindy Procter-King
Rating: 4.1 Stars
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Price: $0.99 save $3


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One tiny lie can cause a whole lot of trouble…

Magee Sinclair has had it up to her sassy short hairdo with the recent blunders pushing her family’s advertising agency to the brink. How can she accept the promotion her father plans when she keeps making costly mistakes? She needs to bring in more business however she can. So when new client Justin Kane asks her to role-play as his girlfriend for a weekend in exchange for a lucrative campaign, she jumps at the chance.

Justin’s goal to expand his chain of bike stores hinges on a distribution deal with a manufacturer. First, he needs to impress the man at a mountain resort while they bike trails with their significant others. But Justin’s girlfriend dumps him, forcing him to find a quick replacement. Magee–pretty, clever, and a skilled cyclist–is the perfect choice to masquerade as his “lover.”

Or so Justin thinks.

Because Magee is in major trouble. She knows no more about mountain biking than Justin does about demi-bras. Before long, an irate ex pops up, fake identities abound, and a whole lot of doors slam in the middle of the night. Yet, through the chaos, Magee and Justin discover what it really means to fall head over heels….

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Head Over Heels is a fast-paced, funny and romantic novel, which will keep you entertained from the first to the last page. Kudos to the author; once again you didn’t disappoint my expectations, Mrs. Procter-King!


For anyone who has ever ridden the emotional roller coaster of love, replete with excitement, insecurity, self doubt, lustiness, yearning, holding back – the whole gamut of ups and downs – this book is a must. Take it to the beach with you, read on an airplane, take it to bed with you, just sit in your garden and enjoy the end of summer while appreciating all this novel has to offer.


I just loved this book: the characters, the plot, the voice! It’s so refreshing to read a romance with humour. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but provides characters you just fall in love with. Read it!


This is one you must read…what a wonderful book with so much humor I was laughing out loud through out. Cindy Procter-King wrote a winner of a book and I hope to read many more by her.


The characters are campy, sexy and fun. The hero is a self centered jerk at times at first, but comes around in the end. The heroine is a sweetheart with who finally finds her backbone. A fun read. Recommended.

Get Head Over Heels here: Head Over Heels

About The Author

As a child, Cindy dreamed of becoming a writer. Well, okay, thanks to her grade three teacher reading a chapter of The Little House on the Prairie books to Cindy’s class everyday, Cindy actually dreamed of becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder. It made so much sense. After all, Cindy’s blond older sister always got to wear blue while Cindy with the “dark as cinders” hair was often relegated to wearing dull old pink–just like Laura. Laura was part of a pioneer family, and until Cindy went to school she lived in a miniscule farming community where her father and grandparents were born. What further confirmation for her future does an eight-year-old with an avid imagination require?

When Cindy realized becoming Laura meant learning to travel back in time and using–gasp!–outhouses where she believed evil trolls were hiding to gobble her up, she decided to remain in the present and become a writer instead. Her first poem began, “My father is a logger, He stirs his coffee with his thumb, He has a dog named Blackie, And in his truck they both look dumb.” Thus another illustrious literary career was born.

Cindy earned a first class B.A. in English Lit. from the University of Victoria before unleashing herself on the unsuspecting workforce. However, she quickly realized her aversion to fluorescent lights and the numbers 9-2-5 wouldn’t gain her kudos from her various bosses. Luckily, she married Steven King (note the lack of a “ph”), who whisked her to a tiny logging town where she couldn’t find a job…unless you count her stint as secretary to the warden of a minimum security prison. There, Cindy began writing novels, and she hasn’t looked back. Because, honestly, what other employer in their right mind would want her?

A Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist and author of rollicking romantic comedies and emotional contemporary romance, Cindy’s mission in life is to see her surname spelled properly–with an E. So take heed. That’s P-r-o-c-t-E-r. Not, no, never, under any flippin’ circumstances should you spell it with two O’s. Cindy lives in Canada with her husband, their two amazing sons, a tortoiseshell cat obsessed with dripping tap water, and Allie McBeagle.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Cindy Procter-King and ENT appreciate it.


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