Book Of The Day – Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae

by Greg on January 25, 2012

Today’s Book Of The Day is a highly rated Fairy Tale Romance and it’s on sale! Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers 1) by LK Rigel has a great 4.3 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents (until 8 pm EST tonight) – save $2!

“I found the story fascinating and totally different from anything I’ve read before. This is a new genre for me, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for a quick read and a fascinating fairy tale.” L.M. – Amazon Reviewer

Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers 1)
by LK Rigel
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Category: Fairy Tale Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2


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If you love the new show Once Upon A Time, you may also enjoy Give Me, A Fairy Tale

All she wanted was a vacation – but Dumnos offered a new life.

Lilith Evergreen has always lived in the California desert, but when she receives an antique ring as a gift, she dreams of a magnificent tree at cliff’s edge, a castle by the sea, and a mysterious woman who bids Lilith to come to Dumnos, a land of mist and rain.

Cade Bausiney is the future Earl of Dumnos, but at present he just wants to bolster the local economy with a scheme to increase tourism. When Cade and Lilith meet, they’re overwhelmed with longing for each other – but their desire might be magically induced.

Long ago a witch’s spell ended in disaster that left two souls to haunt Dumnos to this day. Lilith and Cade must find a way to make things right – or be forever possessed by the spirits who’ve waited a millennium to consummate their love.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Give Me is a completely new adventure from the fantastic mind of LK Rigel. More fantasy and fairytale than sci fi, this was a pleasant surprise. LK is still a master at character and world building – I feel like I am in her stories. The author can make any time and place come alive beauifully. Give Me more LK!


I loved this book. I didn’t want it to end, but it did. It is a great love story that carried over for a thousand years. L.K’s writing flowed very well. It was easy to keep up with the story, even when there were flashbacks. well described story but not overly wordy. I definitely recommend this book. A great read.


This book is part romance and part adult fairy tale. It deals with both possession and magic and the never ending belief in a forever love. It was very well written and just drew you in. I think some will be a little confused if you try to “analyze” what is going on, but if you just allow the story to take you …….. it will all make sense. But be forewarned – it will be difficult to put down until you are finished.

Get Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae here: Give Me – A Tale of Wyrd and Fae (Tethers 1)

About The Author

LK Rigel lives in California with her television-watching cat, Coleridge. (His favorite show is Castle, but he was enthralled by Game of Thrones.) Rigel wrote songs for the 90’s band The Elements, scored the independent science fantasy karate movie Lucid Dreams, and was a reporter for the Sacramento Rock ‘N Roll News. Her work has appeared in Literary Mama and Tattoo Highway.

Rigel writes the postapocapunk “Apocalypto” series about the end of the world and the new reality in which the gods return to save humanity from itself – and end up fighting with each other.

Her short story “Slurp” about an author with muse problems on Halloween is included in DEADLY TREATS, Anne Frasier’s Halloween anthology published by Nodin Press.

Her latest book, GIVE ME, is an adult fairy tale about possession.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – LK Rigel and ENT appreciate it.

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