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by Ron on October 28, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Mystery novel by Stuart R. West and it’s 67% off for a limited time. Ghosts of Gannaway has a 5.0 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“If you’re a fan of a good thriller, I recommend this book. A wee romance, lots of tension and a good dose of corporate greed.” Erika – Amazon Reviewer

Ghosts of Gannaway
by Stuart R. West
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 save $2


Ghosts of Gannaway – Nook

Ghost whispers echo through the mines of Gannaway. They have a story to tell. It’s the story of a town torn apart by greed, pollution and vanity, by racial discord between the Native Americans and the invading miners, by the Great Depression, by the violent union strikes of the 1930’s.

That’s not all that brought Gannaway to its knees, though.

Not by a long shot.

Because something—else—lives in the deserted tunnels of the mine, something dark and evil. Something that breathes life into the Ghosts of Gannaway.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

The author does a great job with the historical aspects, and he weaves the two stories together seamlessly. This creepy story is extremely well-written, and the characters stuck with me long after I finished the book. Highly recommended!


I am a huge fan of West’s work and have to say he’s outdone himself with Ghosts of Gannaway. I love how the story unfolds with bits of the past twining with the present, the stories coming together to explain some horrific events, but also a story of humanity. If you enjoy a great story, with a mystery that’s sure to leave you a little a haunted, this is definitely a book to not miss!


Ghosts of Gannaway is a creepy, suspense-filled study of corporate greed and power. It combines the best traits of ghost stories and David versus Goliath tales. Take a ride with Dennis in his beat up van to Gannaway, Kansas. Go down the mine shaft with Tommy. You’ll be glad you did, after it’s all over.


This is truly my favorite Stuart West novel. Yes, this is a ghost story (that I have no problem believing) and a suspense thriller, but it is so much more. It is a story of human struggles–survival, justice, ambition and love against greed, evil, prejudice and ignorance.

Get Ghosts of Gannaway here: Ghosts of Gannaway

About The Author

Hey, guess you stumbled across my author’s page. Don’t be scared. Let me scare you. In a completely social, entertaining, writer-type way, of course.

I live in Kansas. It’s a curse and a blessing. It’s a curse because…well, it’s Kansas. But it’s great because Kansas is creepy. Lots of cool and strange things happen here in the midwest. I’ll be writing about them in both young adult and adult thrillers.

“Tex, The Witch Boy” is my first novel and the first in a trilogy. It’s a murder mystery, suspense, thriller, comedy, drama, paranormal mash-up. But really it’s about high school bullying. There’s a lot of autobiographical detail in the book but since I know the bullies on whom I’ve based my characters are incapable of reading, I can rest easy.

I’m married to a professor of pharmacy (who greatly appreciates that I now prepare dinner for her) and have a 20 year old daughter, who hasn’t yet decided what to do with her life. But that’s okay…it took me 25 years or longer.

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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Stuart R. West and ENT appreciate it.


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