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by Ron on May 11, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a collection of Horror short stories by Kenneth W. Cain and it’s 67% off for a limited time. Fresh Cut Tales has a 4.6 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $2!

“What an amazing book! Thrilling from start to finish.” Mary Ann – Amazon Reviewer

Fresh Cut Tales
by Kenneth W. Cain
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Horror
Price: $0.99 save $2


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In this latest collection of horror short stories from Kenneth W. Cain, Fresh Cut Tales features sixteen tales. Of these short thrillers, half are previously published stories that have been rewritten. The other half are brand new, never seen before tales. Readers will get a taste of everything in the pages of this anthology.

Of Shadows ~ Somewhere beyond this world are places where the innocent are tested. This story is about such a place. Can Ellen escape her reality?

Avenged ~ Life doesn’t matter when it comes to avenging death. Cole Stryder tries to account for the murder of his men, but matters unfold unexpectedly.

Ordering Out ~ A troubled bloodsucker has difficulty obtaining sustenance.

Perfect Little Hands ~ Dallas faces the truth about his relationship to his stepdaughter at her funeral.

Inside Out ~ Richie Harden tells his story to a local reporter, detailing facts about a handicapped boy who isn’t as bad off as he seems.

Shards ~ Gerald, a man who has long avoided children, must now face the reality of his demented nature.

Twist of Pain ~ A short, troubling journey home is enough to break young Sarah.

Old Habits ~ A man and wife find their marriage split by an undead situation.

In the Shadow of the Equine ~ Finding themselves trapped on a scenic island with a mob of mind~controlled zealots, a man desperately tries to protect his son.

Split Ends ~ A bizarre hair disease follows a woman’s family history, but can her daughter escape the infliction?

Spaceship Earth ~ A hiking trip reveals unexplained mysteries that endanger Earth. Some places aren’t meant to be discovered.

Warmth Within They Depths ~ In the vast unwater world, exploration reveals unexpected horrors.

Never Free ~ Small towns fables are often shared among children, but none so harrowing as that of the Easton Park Statue.

Ahote’s Spirit ~ A Native-American discovers a creature unlike any other.

Rebirth ~ A scientist attempts to soothe his daughter about the loss of her mother.

Redpath, Stu ~ A classic themed horror story finds Steven in an isolated diner, enjoying the company of old~timers.

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Embrace the darkness, the haunts of the shadows that surround you. Pull up your covers and enjoy a read. Let yourself drift into that other world; the place where the author controls your vision. See what he sees. Hear what he hears. Relish this collection of short dark fiction stories.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I have been a fan of Kenneth W. Cain’s work for several years now and I have to say this new series does not let me down. Mr. Cain has a flair for taking the reader on an adventure of twists and turns. You never know how the story will end, which is challenging to pull of in today’s literature.


Kenneth W. Cain’s short stories are flashing neon signs that scream, “The author had fun writing these!” But the neon signs disappear once you start reading; there is no pretension here–it’s simply a fine collection of tales with great hooks/opening lines and fun-ride premises. I can almost feel the author pulling images from real-life observations and saying, “What if?” to turn these tales into the entertaining pieces that they are.


Cain displays a remarkable talent for boldly unearthing the most uncomfortable fears and anxieties buried deep within the human psyche. This is an excellent book for all horror fans, and I highly recommend it.


I truly enjoyed this wonderful collection of dark fantasy/horror stories. Each have their own unique storyline and the outcome is always surprising, and some will make you think. I will be on the hunt for more from this author.


Every story might not resonate with every reader, but I guarantee that anyone with darker leanings will find something to enjoy here, if not the majority of these fresh cut tales. I look forward to every short story collection this author releases, but until the next, I’m perfectly happy re-reading his past publications. Another job well done, Mr. Cain!

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About The Author

Kenneth W. Cain is the author of the SAGA OF I (THESE TRESPASSES, GRAVE REVELATIONS, RECKONING), THE UNITED STATES OF THE DEAD, the acclaimed short story collection THESE OLD TALES, and his latest short story collection FRESH CUT TALES. He lives with his wife and children in Eastern Pennsylvania.


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Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Kenneth W. Cain and ENT appreciate it.


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