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by Ron on November 5, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a Women’s Fiction novel by Laura Rae Amos and it’s 40% off for a limited time. Exactly Where They’d Fall has a 4.3 star rating and is on sale for only 2.99 – save $2!

“This book was great. The storyline was engaging, the characters were well developed and easy to love despite their flaws, and the dialogue was especially enjoyable and realistic. I literally could not put it down.” Kenian

Exactly Where They’d Fall
by Laura Rae Amos
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Womens Fiction
Price: $2.99


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Jodie and Amelia were almost sisters once, before college degrees, careers, and grown-up love entered their lives. Before Jodie’s brother broke up with Amelia.

After so many disappointments, Amelia is finally happy. Or something like it. She’s given her love and trust to her best friend, Drew, who is sweet, sensitive, loyal, and everything she’s always wanted. She’s calculated the perfect path to inner peace and healing by surrounding herself with people who would never break her heart.

Jodie hates that all her friends are pairing up to begin their futures. She hates dating, hates romance in general. She hates that she can’t forget one night, a year ago, which Drew doesn’t seem to remember the same way. Everyone is moving on without her, but that’s fine, because she never needed anyone in her life anyway.

Never has a way of proving itself wrong.

With vivid characters, generous doses of humor, and palpable emotion, Exactly Where They’d Fall is a story about three friends forced to explore the complicated and fragile bonds of friendship and love. Fans of heartfelt, witty literary fiction, and smart women’s fiction will enjoy this charming and honest debut.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Beautifully written. Her ability to deal with what I would call wishful thinking, the need to control how a relationship moves forward, and coming to terms with both reality and your own ability to deal with outcomes that are not what you expected is truly wonderful.


I found myself truly caring about what happened to every single one of the characters, even the more minor sideline characters. Even with their flaws, they were all always likeable and relatable.


As far as books that explore the strange and tender complexities of every possible variety of love-relationship (romance, family, friend, one-night-stand…you name it), this is the best I’ve yet read, bar none. I have a feeling Exactly Where They’d Fall might turn out to be the most impressive book I read all year.


This a great book to read if you want to slip out of your own life for a minute and into someone else’s- I like that if feels so real, nothing is forced. I LOVED it and highly recommend it! Looking forward to more books from Laura Rae Amos!


The characters were easy to relate to, and the imagery that the author created was wonderful. I often felt like I was right in the story. I loved the descriptions of the people and the places, and the plot was intriguing and kept me wanting more. I had a hard time putting it down once I started it.

Get Exactly Where They’d Fall here: Exactly Where They’d Fall

About The Author

Laura Rae Amos is a Michigan native now living near Washington DC with her charming husband and tornado of a little boy. After studying creative writing at the University of Toledo, she moved to the suburbs of Detroit to have a baby instead of an MFA. She is a blogger, web-fiction writer, poet, occasional musician, photographer, dabbling artisan, and all around creative distraction. When not writing, she loves to read, take photos, climb mountains (okay, little ones…), go on road trips, play guitar, draw, and build elaborate neighborhoods for her Sims.

Laura writes kooky and emotional relationship dramas (about people who do questionable things in bathrooms), character-rich stories that are often tragic, usually witty, sometimes poignant, and a little bit crass. She has nineteen books in her head and needs to learn to write faster. Or else focus.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Laura Rae Amos and ENT appreciate it.


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