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by Greg on June 4, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is now here and today we have a great one (as usual)! EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two) by Imogen Rose has an awesome 4.5 star rating and costs $3.99.

EQUILIBRIUM is the second book in the very popular and highly rated Portal series.

It’s rare for me that a second book exceeds the first. Usually the first is great and second good. But for me, Equilibrium was a better read than Portal, and I really did enjoy Portal. – Virgoddess “Jen” – Amazon Reviewer

EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two)
by Imogen Rose
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Category: Romance/Time Travel
Price: $3.99


It’s not every day you see a naked body slumped by the side of the road…

This ominous sight is just the beginning of a mystery that will span two dimensions.

When California teen Arizona Darley and her siblings go missing, their mother, Dr. Olivia Darley, discovers that the time-travel portal she invented has been hijacked.

Is the hijacker responsible for the disappearance of her children? Have the children been transported to another dimension? If so, the police and FBI will never be able to find them, and Olivia Darley must find a way to rescue her children on her own.

How will she do this without access to the portal?

EQUILIBRIUM is book two of the Portal Chronicles.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Imogen Rose does a great job keeping the mystery alive in this second book of the Portal Chronicles. Immediately the story jumps into a new mystery when Arizona awakens back in New Jersey. The storyline is well developed and does a great job revealing answers while introducing new questions. It kept me absorbed and entertained. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!


I was so delighted with Imogene Rose’s first book Portal, loved everything about it! Now comes Equilibrium and the second installment in the series does not disappoint, is just as awesome as Portal. I love her theme of time travel and multiple dimensions. The characters are engaging and the pace of the book never lags. It was hard for me to put it down. It has a very nice flow as the story shifts between characters and locations. LOVE THIS BOOK! Can hardly wait for Book 3!!!


Awesome follow up to a great opening book. Equilibrium picks right up where Portal left off. What happens when Arizona gets her wish? How will she decide what she really wants? As events unfold, people that were friends turn into enemies, while others turn into allies with surprising and unique abilities. Like Portal, Equilibrium is a very quick read and will definitely leave the reader patiently (or in my case *impatiently*) waiting for the third book.

Get Equilibrium here: EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two)

About The Author

Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling YA series, the Portal Chronicles. She was born in a small town in Sweden and moved to London in her twenties. After obtaining a PhD in immunology from Imperial College, she moved with her family to New Jersey, where she’s been based for the past ten years.

For as long as she can remember, Imogen has dreamt stories. Stories that continued from night to night, from dream to dream. So, even as a child, going to bed was never an issue, just an anticipation of the story to come.

PORTAL, Imogen’s first novel, would have remained in her imagination, to be shared only with her daughter, Lauren, had her eight-year-old not insisted that she write it down. In the course of a month, Imogen typed while Lauren waited eagerly by the printer for the pages to appear, and a novel took shape.

The warm reception Portal received encouraged her to continue with the story and the Portal Chronicles. Book two (Equilibrium) and book three (Quantum) are now available. Book four, Momentum, will be available this summer. Faustine is Imogen’s first book in her new series, the Bonfire Chronicles.

Imogen is a self-confessed Hermès addict who enjoys shopping, traveling, watching movies and playing with her dog, Tallulah.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Imogen Rose and ENT appreciate it.

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1 Pam Buck June 4, 2011 at 11:52 pm

My daughter and I love these books and can’t wait for Momentum to come out. It’s so great to find an author that can reach a mom and her 13 yr old daughter! Intriguing storyline and wonderful characters. Highly recommended!

2 Heather June 4, 2011 at 7:24 pm

I love this series! I’m eagerly awaiting the next book.

3 S.L. Baum June 4, 2011 at 1:50 pm

If you want to hear a 13yo’s glowing take on the series, my daughter reviewed Portal (book 1) and commented on the series as a whole in my blog

Imogen Rose has done an amazing job with this series and we just can’t wait until the next book is released!

4 Lexi June 4, 2011 at 1:47 pm

This series is absolutely amazing! With each installment the story gets deeper and more complex; it will leave you hanging on every word, desperately looking for more pages after the last is read. I can’t wait for momentum! I was a lucky girl the day I come across “Portal”. Thanks, Imogen!

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