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by Greg on March 30, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a #1 Amazon Bestseller and Winner of the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for the category of Drama! Drowning (Winger Family Drama) by Susan Wingate has a great 4.1 star rating – and it’s on sale for only 99 cents – save $2.

“From the opening pages, Susan Wingate draws the reader in with a scene of gripping emotion. As the book continues, layers of Euly Winger’s secret past come off. I found myself haunted by the story and the supernatural perspective through which Ms. Wingate tells her tale. A must read, not just for afficianados of women’ fiction, but for anyone who enjoys a superbly written work of literature.” TC Elliot – Amazon Reviewer

Drowning (Winger Family Drama)
by Susan Wingate
Rating: 4.1 Stars
Category: Drama/Women’s Fiction
Price: $0.99 save $2


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Even with her mother’s death days away, even as her marriage is falling apart, Euly Winger leaves home, returning to the place she grew up in order to uncover a dark secret about her parent’s divorce.

On her search for answers, Euly meets up with an old family friends–some offer help, some disaster. Euly returns home just hours before her mother dies. As they sit alone together, Euly asks her mother for the truth.

A suspenseful and inspirational read, DROWNING, a story of love and redemption.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Tales of redemption are a staple of fiction; however, under the deft hand of Susan Wingate, the story of Euly Winger in Drowning is unlike any story you have read before. While Euly navigates the secrets of her family’s past as she simultaneously confronts her failed marriage and her mother’s imminent death, a character of memorable proportions emerges, and we have a new heroine to cheer on and to embrace.


Susan Wingate’s novel DROWNING took me deep into its waters, from the first to the last page. Susan Wingate utterly succeeds in writing DROWING, as a powerful novel that is designed to show the conflicts as well as the complex inner workings of human nature.


There is a flow and depth to this book beyond all others I have read by Susan Wingate. Clearly she is growing as a writer by the hour. The book, Drowning, pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. By the first few lines I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading. A sensitive and beautiful read.


This is not an ordinary story. It is fathoms deep with joy, sorrow and secrets. The writer has knowledge of life and how it is lived. Mother, daughter, sister tangle with love and fear amid some secrets and some personal issues. The reality is the writer knows how we try not to scratch the heels of our boots in the gravel. She knows that forgiveness is often fraught with disaster and guilt. Hidden buried secrets are searched out and twisted into the light. I highly recommend this novel. Different from Wingate’s other works, this is one is born of magic, that writing that pours from the fingers giving the writer only the clips of the movie while she fills in the lines. You will love Drowning.

Get Drowning here: Drowning (Winger Family Drama)

About The Author

With writing often compared to Alfred Hitchcock and Truman Capote, award-winning, bestselling author, SUSAN WINGATE has written nine novels, two short story collections, a few plays, one screenplay and tons of poems.

Her latest 2011 novel DROWNING (contemporary women’s fiction), won 1st place in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award but also a finalist award in the 2011 International Book Awards.

A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivating writing talks and workshops on craft, publishing and marketing, and how to survive within this extremely volatile (e-)Publishing industry. She presents these lectures for private groups and at writing conferences, libraries and bookstores around the country.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Susan Wingate and ENT appreciate it.

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