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by Greg on January 2, 2012

Today we have a highly rated Romance/Chick-Lit book for the ENT Book Of The Day. Disengaged by Beth Orsoff has a 4.0 star rating and is only $3.99!

“I am so excited for Beth Orsoff with Disengaged. She has hit a home run. It was a fun, exciting and hilarious and I couldn’t put it down! Fantastic job and I will anxiously await her next book!” Allie-Kat – Amazon Reviewer

by Beth Orsoff
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Category: Romance/Chick-Lit
Price: $3.99


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Be careful what you wish for . . .

When L.A. accountant Allie Zenet’s fiancé proposes she’s thrilled, both with her fiancé and her brand-new sparkly diamond ring. As wedding plans progress, Allie still adores her ring, her fiancé less so. Is it just the stress of trying to plan a wedding with the mother-in-law-to-be from hell? Or is Allie about to make the biggest mistake of her life?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Disengaged is my favorite book, so far, by Beth Orsoff. She took me on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. I easily identified with all of the characters, and felt like I was the main character, Allie. Beth’s use of humor to develop scenes and realistic dialogue make the reading of this story so enjoyable.


This book was a pleasure to read, so much so that I read it in one sitting! Beth Orsoff has a talent at creating a cast of characters that seems like it could be made up of YOUR best friends, YOUR family and YOUR coworkers. They are likeable and dislikeable, funny and quirky, but above all, realistic.


The basic story of Disengaged is so real as to be a cliché – doesn’t every person get cold feet at some point during their engagement? But how the story plays out is anything but clichéd. Orsoff takes the story in some directions I’d never guessed. Each time I thought I saw where it was going, she would throw a curveball I didn’t anticipate. I’ve read each of Orsoff’s books, and this is the best yet.

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About The Author

Beth Orsoff is the author of humorous fiction including the novels “Romantically Challenged,” “Honeymoon for One,” “How I Learned to Love the Walrus” (admittedly that one probably could’ve used a better title — live and learn), and “Disengaged.”

Beth lives in Los Angeles with her husband and Elmo (yeah, the red guy from Sesame Street). For more information about Beth and her celebrity sightings (George Clooney anyone?) check out her website at or connect with her on Facebook at

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Beth Orsoff

I’m not one of those people who knew from the age of three that they wanted to be a writer. In fact, my mother had told me since the age of five that I should be a lawyer because I liked to argue [with her] so much. But I didn’t buy into that philosophy until much later.

When I graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in English/Film Studies I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. So I became a professional lifeguard. I had health insurance, a killer tan, got paid to work out, and my hair was actually turning blond naturally. It was a great job.

But then one day Mom and Dad came to visit and gave me the “we didn’t send you to college so you could be a professional lifeguard” speech. Although my parents swear to this day that they never encouraged me to be a lawyer, they did pay for me to take the LSAT prep class. (You can draw your own conclusions.) Somehow I managed to score in the top 1% on the exam and instead of attributing it to the fact that I’m a good standardized test-taker, I decided it meant the law was My Calling. Since I’ve always loved movies and was already dating a screenwriter wannabe, I decided to move to California, enroll in USC Law School, and pursue my newly acquired dream of being an entertainment lawyer.

Shockingly, things did go as planned. For a while anyway. Although the first book I purchased after finishing the torturous three-day-long California Bar Exam was entitled “How to Write a Novel.” That should’ve been my first clue that perhaps the law was not My True Calling.

Fast forward seven years. I was a regular attendee of UCLA Extension Writers Program workshops and working as an entertainment lawyer in the Warner Bros. Theatrical Legal Department when I decided to quit my job so I could finally write that novel. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Beth Orsoff and ENT appreciate it.

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1 Maryann Miller January 3, 2012 at 6:47 am

Love to read the stories of how writers came to be writers. Always so interesting, and I think the more unconventional the path toward writing the more grist for the mill, so to speak.

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