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by Greg on September 14, 2011

Here is today’s Book Of The Day and it’s also a highly rated bargain Kindle book! Discovery – A Far Out Romance by T.M. Roy has a 4.0 star rating and costs only 99 cents!

“This book is well worth your time, whether you’re looking for fantasy/sci-fi, adventure or romance…it has all three.” Jo Stewart, eBook Reviews Weekly

Discovery – A Far Out Romance
by T.M. Roy
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Category: Romance/Adventure/Science Fiction
Price: $0.99


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Visit T.M. Roy’s blog

Following a horrendous breakup with his two (and three) timing fiancee, Oregon naturalist Dr. Kent Xavier has sworn off women, all women. He heads out into the Deschutes wilderness to brood, alone, but his solitary trip turns into a midnight rescue mission for a damsel in distress.

Lured by the beauty of planet Earth, Povre disobeys strict orders to remain in camp in favor of a moonlight walk. A bad step on a slope of loose rocks lands her in the very predicament she’s supposed to avoid: contact with the dominant native lifeforms.

Forced together by mutual need, Kent and Povre soon find themselves on the run from alien-hunting government agents. Along the way these two scientists from very different worlds discover the most important element of all – love.

T.M. Roy (writing as Terran Moffat) weaves a fun and lighthearted blend of romance, adventure, and science fiction sure to leave a smile on your face. Visit her blog at for more information. Check out other Zapstone Production titles at

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

T.M Roy’s book about a truly odd couple (Oregon professor Kent Xavier and blue alien visiting Earth Povre) is a fun read with romance, adventure and humor. The ending leaves the work open for a sequel and I’m really hoping one is forthcoming.


The descriptions of the Oregon wilderness make you want to go and live in the wild! T.M. Roy does a fantastic job of showing the world we know through alien eyes. The premise of there being aliens among us isn’t new but Roy’s spin is fresh and fun.


Looking for adventure, romance or evidence of ET? You will find it here. Terran Moffat is a wonderful teller of tales. She captures your imagination to the degree that you feel you are right there with Kent Xavier in the wilds of Oregon.

The attention to detail paints a vivid picture in words as picturesque as any artist’s brush; even the emotions portrayed here seem to have texture.

Get Discovery – A Far Out Romance here: Discovery – A Far Out Romance

About The Author

T.M. Roy has had many jobs and worn many hats over the years (including the pirate hat in the photo). By profession a technical writer and graphic artist, the recent economy has turned her to freelancing as a cover artist, pixel and print book designer, and editor. When she’s not doing that for someone else, she’s writing, reading, editing and illustrating her own work. She’s been drawing since her fat little fingers could hold a crayon. In 1996, she discovered that painting in pixels was just as fun as drawing or painting with traditional media–without the mess, smell, or expense. Many of the characters in her stories started off as a sketch or a doodle (she calls them the Pencil People).

In 2003, writing with the pen name Terran Moffat, her novel Discovery was a finalist in the 2003 EPIC Awards for Best Science Fiction Romance.

She lives in the Portland, OR, area with an opinionated Quaker parrot named Apple, who has his own blog and writes food haiku.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – T.M. Roy and ENT appreciate it.

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