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by Greg on November 23, 2011

Today’s Book Of The Day is an award winning Christian Fiction/Romance novel with a very high rating. Contingency (Covenant of Trust) by Paula Wiseman has an awesome 4.9 star rating (28 out of 29 ratings are 5 stars) and is only $2.99! Check out the reviews on this one – they’re all great.

“Contigency is an Amazing book. I have never read Christian fiction before, and this one left me wanting more! Once I picked this book up, I did not want to put it down. I am so looking forward to the second book.” SGH – Amazon Reviewer

Contingency (Covenant of Trust)
by Paula Wiseman
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Category: Christian Romance
Price: $2.99


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Bobbi Molinsky’s comfortable life is shattered when a forwarded email from her husband’s account lands in her inbox. The email teases, “My whole evening is free again.” After an angry confrontation with Chuck, she is left with the broken remains of an eighteen year marriage. Bobbi agrees forgiving Chuck is the right thing, the God-honoring thing to do, but it leaves her empty and isolated. Teaching her second-graders is a burden. Taking care of her boys saps all her energy. It seems God Himself has walked away, leaving her to struggle alone. Bobbi can’t deny the transformation in Chuck, but genuine forgiveness requires trust, and trust is a risk she’s not willing to take. Can she let go of her deepest, most primal fears and save her marriage?

The book was a National Indie Excellence Award winner and bestseller and #1 Hot New Release in Christian fiction. Book 2 of the series, Indemnity, released in April 2011. Book 3, Precedent, is due in late 2011.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I loved this book! Brilliantly real, I felt the pain of each of the characters as they fight to save their family, their marriage, and their relationship with God. I would recommend this book to ANYONE who has had turmoil in their lives, or even if you haven’t, you will feel hopeful and peaceful in the knowledge that God has control and will walk with you through anything.


I was wrapped up in the book from the first page. It was so interesting and I got so involved with the characters and their lives I could hardly put the book down. I really hated to finish the book because the characters were so engaging and I wanted to read more about them. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out this spring!


Contingency is a very well written thought provoking book on the topic of adultery. It shows how the actions of one can affect the entire family and how each family member deals with the pain and healing process. It is a testament to the fact that even in today’s fast paced world where divorce is almost considered the norm, the Bible and one’s faith in God can help heal the pain caused by adultery. The first time I read this book I read it in one day because I didn’t want to put it down. I was so wrapped up in the characters and their feelings that I wanted to see how it all turned out. I really enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to the release of the second and third book in this trilogy.


Contingency was amazing!! The beginning of the book was sensational!! It caught my attention right away. The characters are real and engaging. I was completely connected to Chuck and Bobbi throughout the entire book. I truly felt their pain as they struggled to put their marriage back together. The preview of book 2 is sensational! I cannot wait to read it!

Get Contingency here: Contingency (Covenant of Trust)

About The Author

After working several years as research chemist, Paula Wiseman was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with her children and follow the writer’s path. She has been published in several Cup of Comfort devotional books and in Life Savors for Women. She enjoys small town life in Illinois with her husband, Jon, and three children. Paula blogs on matters of life and faith at

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Paula Wiseman and ENT appreciate it.

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