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by Ron on December 15, 2015

Today’s Book of the Day is a Historical Romance boxed set by Various Authors. Christmas Hearts of the West has a 4.8 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents!

“I highly recommend this set of wonderful stories. These authors are all top notch writers.” Connie – Amazon Reviewer

Christmas Hearts of the West
by Various Authors
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99


Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors

A rancher, a doctor, a lawyer, a mountain man, and a lawman— all looking for love this Christmas! Curl up with the newest collection of historical romances from five bestselling and award-winning Christian authors. A mix of short stories and novellas, these tales are a yuletide trip back to the Wild West! BONUS material – vintage Christmas recipes!

A Bluebonnet Misfit Christmas
Patricia PacJac Carroll

Come on in to the town of Bluebonnet, TX, where romance blooms with a little help from friends.

Nettie has matchmaking plans while her husband Reed already has his hands full with a troubled misfit named Yancy. Sally’s past haunts her with fears of having to go back to the saloon. Wilbur “Wills” Williams is coming to Bluebonnet to atone for his past. Amelia and Sheriff Justin Wellesley are in love, but her parents are against their marriage, while Yancy has other plans for Amelia. And Cornelia “Cornie” Eustus is intent on sharing her misery.

Whiter Than Snow
Leah Atwood

Tallie Duncan hasn’t known love since she was a young child, but a position as a nanny to two rambunctious boys fills a void left by a life of tragedy. When their mother discovers Tallie’s secret, though, her position is immediately terminated. She finds herself on the streets, in a strange town in a strange land.

Jeremiah Scott returns to Weatherton, Wyoming after a six-year absence, with plans to renew the family ranch he’d left after his father’s death. The train ride from Chicago to Cheyenne reminds him how lonely winters in the West can be without someone to share them. While in Cheyenne, making purchases for his ranch, he decides to find an impromptu bride. But when the bride is more than he bargains for, will his rash decision destroy their plans for marriage?

Hang Your Heart on Christmas
Heather Blanton

U.S. Marshal Robert “Dent” Hernandez has a gift, if you call specializing in death a gift. Under the auspices of his badge, he arrests some of the worst criminals Wyoming Territory can spit out. For Dent, though, the line between vengeance and justice has never been clear. He is determined to find and hang his father’s killer. When a prisoner transfer goes awry in his hometown of Evergreen, Wyoming, and Dent’s good friend is killed, he is forced to serve as interim sheriff. But Dent should be out on the trail hunting down murderers, not scolding candy thieves and escorting the very pretty, but jittery, schoolteacher around. What is she so afraid of? Turns out, a lot of people in Evergreen are keeping secrets.

Mail Order Bride: Husband of the Bride
Susette Williams

Widowed for years, Ma has been the matriarch of the family, facing the challenges of raising four boys into men. With the arrival of her first grandchild imminent, Ma finds herself face-to-face with the town doctor who has very differing views from hers.

Doc is opinionated, and believes it is time for Ma to look out for her own needs—and desires. He’s old enough to know you can’t live in the past; you need to move on to have a future. But can he convince a stubborn, determined woman he’s worth settling with? Will Ma be able to keep up with her four sons and their new brides and survive the holidays, or will her family grow even larger—in more ways than one?

A Mountain Man’s Redemption
Christi Corbett

Eighteen years ago, Philip Grant—overcome with regret for what he couldn’t foresee and memories of what he couldn’t prevent—abandoned all to live the solitary life of a fur trapper. Years spent roaming Montana Territory left his body weary and his confidence weak. Hopeless, he decides to turn in his last bundle of furs and await the inevitable in a cabin. Alone.

Everything changes when he discovers a battered woman and her infant son, on the run from their ruthless abuser. Seventy miles of mountains and windswept flatlands stand between them and safety. Can Philip trust in his newfound faith to lead the way?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I have enjoyed reading all the books in this collection, from the beginning to the end. The plots were well put together and the characters felt so real that I could relate to. It showed how God’s mercy is never ending and how his grace is always sufficient.


This a delightful boxed set of romance novels that take place in the 1800’s in the Old West at Christmas time. some are about mail order brides and some are about lives that are changed by love. It is a great boxed collection of romances with a touch of religion. I recommend it to all romance lovers.


Love these books, and love even more the hearts of each of these authors. Thank you for doing what you do! If you’re a fan of westerns filled with inspirational messages, then these books are for you!


This was a series of enjoyable short easy reads. I did like some better than others, which is understandable in a collection of books. The plots and characters were well developed. This collection was well worth buying and reading.


I got a great amount of enjoyment out of this group of Christmas stories. They are not so much about Christmas as they are about romance, life, and the people who share in love with each other. Whoever put this group together did a wonderful job, they sure do write beautifully.

Get Christmas Hearts of the West here: Christmas Hearts of the West

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – The Authors included and ENT appreciate it.


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