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by Ron on June 15, 2017

Today’s Book of the Day is a Christian Fiction box set by Amazon bestselling author L. N. Cronk and it’s 90% off for a limited time. Chop, Chop: The Series of a Lifetime Books 1-7 has a 4.9 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $9!

“These awesome stories are about life, faith, love, friendship over the lifetime of the characters. They made my spirit sing and my heart smile.” Susan – Amazon Reviewer

Chop, Chop: The Series of a Lifetime Books 1-7
by L. N. Cronk
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Christian Fiction
Price: $0.99 save $9


Amazon Bestselling Author

All seven stories in the bestselling Chop, Chop series combined into one box set.

Chop, Chop – It seems to David that both Greg and Laci are a bit . . . out there. Between each of them constantly chopping off their hair for charity and Greg’s clandestine hand signals, neither of them seem likely to develop friendships with reserved young David. Despite their differences, however, all three grow closer to each other and – as they do – David grows closer to God as well. Nearing adulthood, David finds himself content in every way . . . but when tragedy strikes, David must struggle to find his way back to God.

Day-Day – David and Laci are ready to move to Mexico and start a family. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems and more than a few bumps in the road lie ahead for the newlyweds.

Pon, Pon – God tells Laci and David it’s time to move back to Cavendish and David is only too happy to comply. He can’t help but wonder though . . . why? Is this his chance to finally be truly happy? Or are they returning home because more trouble lies ahead?

The Other Brother – David’s known Charlotte for almost all of her life and since Greg’s death, he’s especially felt like a big brother to her. But now there’s someone new in Charlotte’s life, and David’s relationship with Charlotte is in jeopardy.

The Other Mothers – Everything is perfect in David’s life – he has a wonderful wife and three children that he loves dearly – and he’s living in Cavendish, his favorite place in the world. But one startling revelation and two court hearings threaten to take away everything that David holds dear to his heart.

Gone – Takes place more than twenty years after David and Laci decide to move back to Mexico. A lot has happened during those years, but those events are only hinted at . . . GONE is about the here and now. It’s a book about devastating news. It’s a book about choosing to trust God even when you know things aren’t going to go your way. It’s a book about saying goodbye.

Alone – David is finished telling his story . . . now it’s time to hear from Tanner.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

The characters are incredibly likeable, lovable, believable. The writer weaves beautiful stories of life that don’t always work out the way people hoped; yet God and their responses to Him are portrayed realistically throughout the series. The writing style was easy to read. The dialog flowed well, the stories held my interest, and I quickly consumed them. At the end of the series I was quite moved—evidence of quality writing. I’ve never read anything quite like this series and will read more by this author.


Wish I could give this set more stars! I fell in love with these folks and read the whole series so quickly that I wish it wasn’t over! L. N. Cronk is a talented writer. She throws some curves at just the right time and there were times when I laughed and times when I choked up!


I have been quite blown away by the Chop, Chop series. It has been a while since a series kept me reading well into the night, causing me to get upset when someone interrupts my reading time!! This series brought me to tears a few times and taught me a lot about faith and love. I intend to re read this series at a later date and will definitely recommend it to others.


I loved these 7 books! The characters were so real. I found myself talking to them, almost praying for some of them. I really enjoyed reading about the different characters struggles and how they dealt with things. This is Christian fiction and it is real, not syrupy sweet as some CF is.


Absolutely AMAZING read! The fact that each of these books are so intricately woven together with the primary focus being on Jesus Christ is incredible. These books will provide a bit of escapism while immersing you into the lives of Christians who struggle, rejoice, hurt, and praise just as you do!

Get Chop, Chop: The Series of a Lifetime Books 1-7 here: Chop, Chop: The Series of a Lifetime Books 1-7

About The Author

When she’s not writing, L.N. Cronk can be found teaching middle school students the joys of working with two-step equations and Punnett squares. Although she’s been writing for her entire life, it wasn’t until the completion of her first book that everything fell into place. Chop, Chop not only became an award-winning, top-rated novel, but started the series of a lifetime as well. L.N. Cronk lives with her husband and their four children (two human and two of the springer spaniel variety) in the Christmas tree capital of the world in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where she is almost always working on a novel (or seven!).

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – L. N. Cronk and ENT appreciate it.


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