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by Ron on August 27, 2014

Today’s Book of the Day is a Mystery by BC Chrestians and it’s 75% off for a limited time. Bloodied has a 4.7star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $3!

“Grabs your attention right away and keeps you guessing throughout the story.” Dionne – Amazon Reviewer

by BC Chrestians
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 save $3


Everyone tells Detective Jon Rio that he killed a man he swears is still alive. Not only is he still alive, but he’s killing again. Jon Rio, with the help of his partner, two rookie cops and an FBI agent, must find the Chameleon before he reenacts one of history’s most horrendous unsolved crimes.

The breadcrumbs lead Jon and his team to an autistic man with buried clues, a cross-dressing hooker with a knowledge of the streets, a drug dealer who has seen the killer’s face, a reporter with an ax to grind with Jon Rio, an uncooperative wife of a dead serial killer, and they stare into the darkness that is Leroy Douglas an ex-con who fits the bill of these killings too well.

A hero falls, a protégé emerges, and Jon Rio is a reluctant idol. Why shouldn’t he be? All those he comes in contact with wind up just as damaged as he is or dead. These killings seem to have no reason, but Jon Rio will find out that the actions of his past are the reasons for all the violence. There is only one way Jon Rio can make it right, by finding his kidnapped partner before its too late.
Will Jon Rio continue to be the poison in the lives of so many, or will he finally do the right thing?

Everyone has a reason to hate Detective Jon Rio.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Character development was great and kept me invested in the overall story line. The “villain” was truly a villain and I was overjoyed that I hadn’t figured it out by the 2nd chapter. I am excited and anxious for the next book in the series.


Oh, the twists and turns in this story had me believing everybody was the serial killer! And!!! OH MY GOD!!! WTF did I just read?!! Yeah! That’s the ending! OH MY GOD!! Shocked the hell out of me!


What a book! You must read this one. It will keep you guessing and offer you surprise after surprise! Don’t miss it!


I loved this book and the characters. The author definitely left the door open for a sequel and I hope that he does because I can’t wait to read it!


It’s not often I get the opportunity to sit down and read a book, so when I do I want it to catch me and keep me entertained. Butch does this with his interesting writing style and story. It’s hard to put into words you just have to read it, it is well worth it!!

Get Bloodied here: Bloodied

About The Author

BC Chrestians is the writer of The Specials A Young Adult Serialized Sci-fi Thriller. A Super Hero story safe for all ages.

BC also is the writer of BLOODIED. An R rated murder mystery, with a unique story telling approach.

Born and raised in Minnesota, he still lives there enjoying most of the weather.

BC has always been drawn to writing fun twisting accessible fiction. As a story teller, his goal is to keep the reader turning the page and guessing. His books all have one thing in common…you’re in for a heck of a ride.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – BC Chrestians and ENT appreciate it.


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