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by Ron on May 16, 2014

Today’s Book of the Day is a Mystery novel by USA Today bestselling author, Russell Blake, and it’s 25% off for a limited time. Black has a 4.1 star rating and is on sale for only $2.99 – save $1!

“Blake as usual bats this one out of the park.” Rob – Amazon Reviewer

by Russell Blake
Rating: 4.1 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $2.99 save $1


USA Today Bestselling Author

Artemus Black. Perennially down-on-his-luck Hollywood PI whose Bogie fixation is as dated as his wardrobe.

With an assistant who mocks him relentlessly, an obese cat that loathes him, a romantic life that’s deader than Elvis, money problems, booze, nicotine, and anger management issues, how much worse can it get?

When he takes a case that’s supposed to be easy money working for a celebrity whose colleagues and surrounding paparazzi are dropping faster than interest in the star’s big comeback, the cakewalk turns ugly and Black finds himself in a web of deceit, betrayal, and murder – and bad hair days.

The first in a new series from bestselling author Russell Blake, Black is a detective mystery with a difference that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Russell Blake has won me over and over again with his novels. Black was a totally different kind of book and I was a little skeptical that I might not enjoy it as much as his other books. WRONG! It was totally delightful.


I’ve read several of Blake’s books and this is my favorite. It features well developed characters, great humor, and a fun plot. The writing is also fantastic. I especially love the book’s treatment of LA, and its characters, more often than not leftovers from broken dreams. If you love Elmore Leonard, and who doesn’t, you’re going to love Black. Five stars.


To say this was witty, is an understatement. I found myself laughing out loud quite often as I read the banter between Roxie and Artemus Black. Then there was Mugsy the male “bowling bag with legs” cat that seems to live only so he can further aggravate Black. As with all others I’ve read from Blake, he takes his character development seriously and it shows. I look forward to the next installment of Black!


Russell Blake is fast becoming master of the flawed protagonist, if he isn’t there already. A. Black is an acquired taste and Blake (Black?) is such a great yarn spinner, I’ve got to see what happens next. Black is very different than El Rey or Jet, but there is a likability that draws a reader in. Russell has it going here.


I have read most of Russell Blake’s novels. As usual, Black ranks right up there with the rest in my opinion. Blake is a great writer. I haven’t read a single one that disappointed me. Highly recommend if you enjoy a good detective mystery.

Get Black here: Black

About The Author

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, and The Chicago Tribune, Russell Blake is the USA Today bestselling author of twenty-nine books, including Fatal Exchange, The Geronimo Breach, Zero Sum, King of Swords, Night of the Assassin, Revenge of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy, The Voynich Cypher, Silver Justice, JET, JET – Ops Files, JET II – Betrayal, JET III – Vengeance, JET IV – Reckoning, JET V – Legacy, JET VI – Justice, JET VII – Sanctuary, Upon A Pale Horse, BLACK, BLACK Is Back, BLACK Is The New Black, and BLACK To Reality.

Non-fiction includes the international bestseller An Angel With Fur (animal biography) and How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time (even if drunk, high or incarcerated), a parody of all things writing-related.

Blake is co-author of an action/adventure novel, The Eye of Heaven, with legendary author Clive Cussler, to be released by Penguin in September, 2014. Blake’s novel King of Swords has been translated into German by Amazon Crossing, and his JET novel into Spanish by Reprobatio.

Blake lives in Mexico and enjoys his dogs, fishing, boating, tequila and writing, while battling world domination by clowns. His thoughts, such as they are, can be found at his blog:

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Russell Blake and ENT appreciate it.


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