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by Greg on June 6, 2012

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Romantic Comedy/Chick Lit book from Dee Ernst. Better Off Without Him has an excellent 4.4 star rating and is $4.99!

“I loved this book! The author did an amazing job with her characterization and dialogue to the point that I was laughing out loud at something in every chapter. This is the perfect beach book…fast-paced, a heart-warming story, just the right amount of spice, and SO hilarious. Highly recommended!” Sierra S. – Amazon Reviewer

Better Off Without Him
by Dee Ernst
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Category: Romantic Comedy/Chick Lit
Price: $4.99


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Mona Berman is an expert at Happily Ever After – after all, she’s a best-selling Romance writer and happy endings are what she does best. So when her husband of twenty years leaves her for somebody 15 years younger, 20 pounds lighter, and French, she’s got a lot of adjusting to do, both personally and professionally. Lucky for her she’s got three savvy teen daughters, a few good friends, and Ben, the world’s sexiest plumber, to help her along the way.

First she decides that her next book will be the anti-romance – her heroine finds the best part of her life AFTER getting dumped. Next her daughters tell her she needs to start practice dating, and summer at the Jersey shore is the perfect place for that. She’s also juggling her soon-to-be-ex, a loony aunt, and a match-making neighbor, while Ben is sending her romance-driven imagination into overdrive. Can Mona’s life imitate art? Can she write her own happy ending?

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

Great romantic comedy, will keep it on my “to read again” list and pull it out on the beach this summer.

Looking forward to upcoming novels from this promising author. Would love to see a sequel to Better Off Without Him.


When I buy a new book I always skim the reviews. Most of the time I suspect, the author’s Aunt Milly put in a good word……along with the rest of the family. But the reviews for Better off Without Him are no joke!! This book, without a doubt, is the best book I have read in quite a long time!!!! Ms Ernst had me trying to stifle my laughter at 3:00am so I wouldn’t wake the kids! I seriously could NOT put his book down!!! Bravo, babe!! 🙂


What a great, well written book. None of that hokey romance crap, just a real woman dealing with life in a real and humorous way. Laugh out loud funny!


I absolutely loved this book. I loved the humor used throughout the book and the way the author brought all the characters to life. You could picture all of them in their own way and got to know them throughout the book. I actually laughed out loud many times. You really wondered, based on he main character’s book in progress, whether there would be a love story in the end and if so, who would end up the hero of the heart. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.


A funny, laugh out loud type of romance book. Mona Berman experiences BIG changes in her life after her marriage hits the skids. Without spoilers, just know that you will thoroughly enjoy this book! The minute I was through reading it, I immediately looked for other books and checked out Dee’s web page. This author is on my automatic buy list from now on!

Get Better Off Without Him here: Better Off Without Him

About The Author

Dee Ernst was born Elizabeth Diane Ascoli in Newark, NJ. Her family moved to Morristown, NJ when she was still a toddler. She started writing stories on a battered Royal typewriter when she was about ten or twelve, and she graduated Morristown High School determined to pursue a career as a writer in some form or another (she considered advertising, but luckily came to her senses). Creative writing majors were hard to find in 1974, so she attended Marshall University as a journalism major. That wasn’t working, so she tried Education, but that didn’t quite work either. Several jobs and years later, staying home with a three-year-old and trying to figure out what to do when she grew up, Joan Hamburg on WOR radio in New York was interviewing someone who said if you wanted to know what to with your life, remember what you were playing when you were ten, and try to turn that into a career. Since Dee was writing stories at ten, she sat down and wrote her first novel. It went nowhere. Her second novel got her a terrific agent and upwards of fifteen rejection letters (She reread them all in preparation of this biography). Her third novel, Better Off Without Him, garnered even more rejection letters from a much higher caliber of editor. Undaunted, she self-published Better Off Without Him in October 2010. She is now waiting patiently for fame and fortune.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Dee Ernst and ENT appreciate it.

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