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by Greg on January 24, 2013

Today’s Book of the Day is a highly rated Contemporary Romance by Margaret Lake. A Slice of Life has an excellent 4.5 star rating and is only $2.99!

“Very heartwarming, enjoyable book. Wholesome and tastefully written. Loved the characters! I am looking forward to reading more from Margaret Lake!” MLS – Amazon Reviewer

A Slice of Life
by Margaret Lake
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $2.99


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Grace Coulter has been hiding in the kitchen of her family restaurant since she was eight years old. That’s when the name-calling began. Stretch, skinny-minny, boy in girl’s clothes, all because of the slender height that had her towering over even the tallest boys in the class.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Grace is head chef of the failing restaurant and still hiding in the kitchen. Like many businesses during the current recession, Coulter’s may have to start laying off employees or even close. But Grace has a plan to save the restaurant and the people she’s known all her life; a plan that will force her to go out into the world and face her fears.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say:

I just finished “A Slice of Life” and loved it. Love, laughter, sadness and a wonderful ending! Nothing like a warm and cozy book to spend the afternoon with on a cold day.


I loved this story, and know I’ll read it again. I had a big smile on my face for the last 10 – 15 pages. I truly enjoyed and cared about all the characters.


I would recommend this book. There were no inappropriate parts, the characters prayed over dinner and once for strength. There were certainly virtues displayed throughout the story which made the reading so much more enjoyable for me.


This was a great, put-you-in-a-better-mood book! Everybody has a story and that is a good thing to remember when dealing with other in this world! I will definitely be checking out other books by this author! I’m a Margaret Lake fan!!


I loved this story from beginning to end. The author did a wonderful job of telling such a touching story between 3 lost characters that each found themselves and each other. I will recommend this to my reading friends.

Get A Slice of Life here: A Slice of Life

About The Author

Margaret Lake was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida in her early teens and has lived there ever since.

Reading has been her favorite activity since she was ten years old. Even after purchasing a Kindle, she still has seven large bookcases filled with paper books.

Her other passion is history, especially English History, dating from when she first read “Catherine” by Anya Seton. When the inspiration came to write her first novel, she naturally gravitated to the Wars of the Roses because of that book.

Her favorite author is Susan Howatch, her favorite book is “Outlander” and her favorite series is Harry Potter. She leads a Harry Potter book club at the elementary school and helps with the chess club.

Margaret recently rescued a nine-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Angelo.

Thank you for considering today’s Book Of The Day – Margaret Lake and ENT appreciate it.


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