Big Kindle News – 5 New Kindles Available Today!

by Greg on September 18, 2014

Amazon has just released some major news regarding 5 new Kindle devices that are available for pre-order today and will be shipped in plenty of time for Christmas and the holiday season.

All of the new Kindles will be shipped in October (view the devices below for the exact date of release). Orders are always shipped on a first come, first served basis so if you’re interested in one of the new models make sure to grab it today. Here’s the information that you’ll need on the all new line-up of Kindles.

From Amazon:

Kindle Voyage

Starting at $199

Release date is October 21, 2014

All-New Design–The Thinnest Kindle Ever

Kindle Voyage features an all-new design, with a beautiful flush glass front and a magnesium back, so it is strong, thin, and light. At just 7.6 mm thin and weighing less than 6.4 ounces, Kindle Voyage is the thinnest device we’ve ever built, making it even easier to hold with one hand and read for hours.

Next Generation Paperwhite Display

Kindle Voyage uses a brand new Paperwhite display, with the highest resolution, highest contrast, and highest brightness of any Kindle. With 300 pixels per inch, the new Paperwhite display delivers laser-quality text and images. The exclusive flush-front display stack uses specially strengthened glass, which is designed to resist scratches. Since regular glass would create glare, the cover glass on Kindle Voyage is micro-etched in order to diffuse light, ensuring you can read easily in bright light without glare. The etching pattern on the glass also serves to match the feel of paper.

Adaptive Front Light–Our Smartest Front Light

In addition to being our brightest front light ever–39% brighter–the new adaptive front light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the surrounding light. And because not everyone has the same lighting preferences, the adaptive front light can be fine-tuned to your personal preference. Also, since the human eye adjusts to darkness over time, the light you need when you start reading in the dark will seem too bright 30 minutes later–the adaptive front light slowly lowers the display’s brightness over time to match the way the eye responds to darkness.

PagePress–Reimagined Page Turns

Kindle Voyage introduces PagePress, a new way to turn pages. PagePress uses a custom-designed force sensor that sits directly under the bezel. You simply rest your thumb on the bezel and turn the page by lightly pressing. When you turn the page, Kindle Voyage delivers tactile feedback from a haptic actuator. The actuator delivers just enough vibration to let you know you turned the page, but is subtle enough that you won’t be distracted from your reading. You can personalize both the pressure level needed to trigger a page turn and the haptic feedback level.

Free 3G

Kindle Voyage is available with free 3G, which means you never have to hunt for or pay for a Wi-Fi hotspot–simply download and read books anytime, anywhere, in over 100 countries around the world. Amazon pays for the 3G connection, so you pay no monthly fees and sign no annual contracts.

New Origami Cover

The new origami-style cover design is inspired by the best-selling Origami covers for Fire tablets, and provides a stand for both portrait and landscape positions. Origami covers attach magnetically so they are easy to take on and off, and automatically turn your Kindle Voyage on and off when you open and close the cover. The cover is available starting at $44.99–learn more here.

Order the Kindle Voyage here.


Fire HD 6 Tablet

Starting at $99

Release date is October 2, 2014

  • High-definition display–Crisp and vivid with over 1 million pixels (252 ppi for 6″, 216 ppi for 7″), now brighter than the previous generation Kindle Fire HD, with vibrant colors and whiter whites.
  • Ultrafast quad-core processor–Running at up to 1.5 GHz, the quad-core processor has 3x the graphics performance of the Samsung Tab 4–Fire HD can run even the most graphically intensive games.
  • Front and rear-facing cameras–Video chat with friends and family with the front facing camera; take photos or capture videos in 1080p full HD with the rear-facing camera, with free, unlimited cloud storage for all photos taken on new Fire devices.
  • Pocketable design–Small and portable so it fits in a pocket or purse and is easy to hold with one hand.
  • Incredible reliability–With a Gorilla Glass display and a design that is engineered for best-in-class reliability, you don’t have to worry about Fire HD breaking. Many other tablets cut corners on reliability–in lab testing they are anywhere from 2x to 20x more likely than Fire HD to break if dropped. Even the iPad mini is 2x more likely to break.
  • Five fun colors–Fire HD is available in black, white, cobalt, magenta, and citron.
  • Profiles give everyone a personalized experience–With Profiles, each family member gets their own profile, including individual email, Facebook and Twitter accounts, page in the book, spot in a movie, and game levels.
  • Family Library–Never again worry about whose account has the Prime membership or who bought that book you want to read. Family Library links your Amazon account to that of your spouse or partner so you can easily share apps, games, audiobooks, books, and Prime Instant Video content within your household without changing accounts. Family Library lets families share their content while using a single Fire tablet with different profiles, or also across multiple devices, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire phone, and Amazon Fire TV, as well as on all of the other most popular devices and platforms with the free Kindle, Audible, and Amazon Instant Video apps. Family Library will be coming soon as part of a free, over-the-air software update.
  • ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction)–Customers loved it on Amazon Fire TV, so now available on tablets by popular demand, ASAP predicts which movies and TV episodes you’ll want to watch and prepares them for instant playback before you even hit play, so they start instantly.
  • Amazon-exclusive features–X-Ray, Second Screen, Amazon FreeTime, Prime Instant Video Downloads, and more.
  • Dolby Digital Plus Audio–The standard in high-end audio. Fire HD delivers crisp and clear sound without distortion.
  • All-day battery life–Delivers up to 8 hours of reading, listening to music, watching video, and browsing the web.
  • Stay connected and productive–Fast web browsing, email and calendar support, plus a new pre-loaded WPS Office app lets you create, edit, and view Office documents.
  • World’s best content ecosystem–Over 33 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, magazines, and Android apps and games–including Facebook, Netflix, iHeartRadio, Twitter, Angry Birds Stella, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and more–with free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content.

    Order the Fire HD 6 Tablet here.


    Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

    Starting at $149

    Release date is October 21, 2014

    Amazon today introduced Fire HD Kids Edition, the first tablet built from the ground up for kids (and their parents). Fire HD Kids Edition is built around three ideas:

    1. Despite best intentions, kids break things—Fire HD Kids Edition has an unprecedented 2-year worry-free guarantee—if they break it, we’ll replace it. No questions asked.

    2. Parents don’t want to worry about the bill—the Kids Edition includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited so kids get unlimited access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games—at no additional cost.

    3. Kids want a real tablet, not a toy—the Kids Edition features a quad-core processor, a vivid HD display, front- and rear-facing cameras, Dolby Digital audio, and access to Amazon’s unmatched content ecosystem of over 33 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and Android apps and games.

    Fire HD Kids Edition is $149 for a 6” tablet and $189 for a 7”, and is available for pre-order today at here.

    “Fire HD Kids Edition is a real tablet, not a toy,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President, Amazon Devices. “Kids break things, so we added a 2-year, no-questions-asked, worry-free guarantee. Plus, you’ll never be surprised by a bill—it comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited, which includes over 5,000 books, movies, TV episodes, educational apps, and games at no additional cost.”

    Fire HD Kids Edition comes with Amazon FreeTime, which offers innovative parental controls that encourage learning before play and that help manage screen time. With FreeTime, you select all of the content your kids can see, and you can limit your kids’ screen time by content type—for example, you may choose to limit videos and games, but make reading time unlimited. FreeTime blocks stores and in-app payments, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

    Fire HD Kids Edition includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the first-ever all-in-one subscription that brings together all the content that kids and parents love—books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games. FreeTime Unlimited has the content kids want, including characters like Harry Potter, Lightning McQueen, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Curious George. FreeTime Unlimited is included with Fire HD Kids Edition at no additional cost—a value of up to $120.

    Order the Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet here.


    Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet, Wi-Fi

    Starting at $379

    Release date is October 21, 2014

    The all-new Fire HDX 8.9 combines a startlingly light design and stunning HDX display with a new, more powerful processor, exclusive Dolby Atmos and the latest Dolby Audio, and all-new Fire OS 4 “Sangria” features and services.

  • Powerful 2.5 GHz processor with a 70% faster graphics engine for exceptional speed and fluidity, especially for graphically-intensive games.
  • Exclusive HDX display with incredible pixel density (339 ppi) and perfect 100% sRGB color accuracy—now with Dynamic Light Control, which makes the pages of a book more closely resemble a real piece of paper in different lighting conditions.
  • Startlingly light design—20% lighter than iPad Air.
  • Exclusive new audio—twice as loud as iPad Air, with crisp, clear sound and no distortion; plus Fire HDX is the first tablet with Dolby Atmos.
  • Fastest Wi-Fi, with support for 802.11ac MIMO which delivers up to 4x the peak bandwidth.
  • Available with ultrafast 4G LTE wireless.
  • New Fire Keyboard is the thinnest and lightest full-featured tablet keyboard, with a trackpad to make productivity and navigation easier than ever.
  • Powered by the latest version of Fire OS—Fire OS 4 “Sangria”—with hundreds of new and upgraded features, platform updates, and Amazon-exclusive services.
  • Family Library lets all members of your household access your apps, games, audiobooks, books, and Prime Instant Video content, even if they use a different Amazon account.
  • Free, unlimited cloud storage for photos taken with new Fire tablets, automatically backed-up wirelessly.
  • Front-facing HD camera makes it easy to stay in touch with Skype; 8MP rear-facing camera allows for high-resolution photos and 1080p HD video, and includes an LED flash, Electronic Image Stabilization, and a wide-aperture f/2.2 lens. The Camera application also allows customers to capture panoramas, lenticulars, and HDR recommended shots, and the film strip gives access to recent photos and videos, along with the ability to view, edit, share, and delete right from the camera.
  • Firefly lets you quickly identify printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, plus over 100 million items, including movies, TV episodes, songs, and products.
  • ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) predicts which movies and TV episodes you’ll want to watch and buffers them for playback before you even hit play, so videos start instantly.
  • The Mayday button delivers revolutionary live tech support—one touch connects you to an Amazon expert who can guide you remotely through any feature—24×7, 365 days a year, and it’s free. Nearly 75% of Fire HDX and Fire phone customer questions now come via the Mayday button.

    New Origami Cover

    The new Origami cover is nearly 20% lighter than the previous generation, and attaches magnetically so it’s easy to take on and off. The Origami design provides a stable stand for both portrait and landscape positions, and automatically turns the tablet on when it’s opened, and off when it’s closed. The cover features a custom slide feature that quickly exposes the rear-facing camera and automatically launches the camera application so you won’t miss a great photo opportunity. The cover is available starting at $54.99—learn more here.

    Order the Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet here.


    Kindle – Now With Touch

    Starting at $79

    Release date is October 2, 2014

    The all-new Kindle includes a 20% faster processor, twice the storage, and now features a touch interface and all of the latest features customers love about Kindle, including Kindle FreeTime, Goodreads, and Smart Lookup. The new Kindle is small, light, and portable—toss it in a beach bag or put it in a pocket to always have your reading with you. The new Kindle is great for anyone who’s new to e-reading:

  • Readers who haven’t yet experienced an e-reader will be surprised by how easy it is to read on, with no glare even in bright sunlight, and weeks of battery life.
  • Readers who have never tried eBooks will love enhanced reading features like instant dictionary look-up, adjustable font sizes, and X-Ray, which lets them quickly look up character information.
  • Parents will love that they can give their kids a purpose-built e-reader with an easy-to-navigate touch interface, plus great features that help kids learn—Kindle FreeTime, Vocabulary Builder, and more—for just $79.

    Order the Kindle here.


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    I can’t believe I just finally broke down and bought a new Kindle the paperwhite, I love it but 2 weeks later 5 new KINDLES COME OUT. wHY NO ADVANCE NOTICE.

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