Bargain Kindle Books – Books 2 And 3 Of Crowns Law Series

by Greg on March 2, 2011

Author Wolf Wootan was so pleased with the amount of people that downloaded his free book Crown’s Law, that he decided to offer the second and third books of the series at a discount. Book two is Crown’s Justice and book three is Crown’s Dilemma.

Since the books are on Smashwords, you will need to use the code listed next to the books below to get the discount.

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Crowns JusticeCrown’s Justice
Use code GV37C to get this book for $1.99 (Save $1.00)
by Wolf Wootan
Category: Mystery And Detective
Price $1.99 – Save $1.00

The naked woman washed up onto the gritty sand right in front of Sam Crown’s beach house.

And so begins another adventure for private eye Sam Crown, a former highly-decorated U.S. Marine and cop. “Must be my lucky day,” he grinned. But he was wrong. He gets involved with a murder trial that has a mobbed-up defendant and the jurors keep disappearing. The naked woman turns out to be one of the missing jurors but she has amnesia and can’t remember who she is or how she got in the ocean.

P.I. Sam Crown and his wife Bo — the former FBI agent turned P.I. and attorney — open up Crown Investigations in Capistrano Beach, California. Adopted daughter Becky, the 17-year-old super genius who teaches particle physics at UCI, designs expensive gadgets for the military complex in an office down the hall.

While investigating why the jurors keep disappearing, Sam learns that the “new Las Vegas” mob is making a push to bring their style of gambling to Orange County. They already have a fleet of gambling “cruises” operating off the California coast. Enter the enigmatic Tony Bracco, the Executive Vice President of Entertainment Enterprises, a Las Vegas-based company that owns hotels, casinos, and gambling ships. Sam and Bracco don’t like each other from their first meeting.

Before the smoke clears, Sam administers his own brand of justice when once again the established system fails. When his wife Bo wants to know what he is planning, his enigmatic answer is, “I learned in ’Nam that there are certain things that are best not shared with anyone. The difference between a Medal of Honor and a firing squad is as thin as a razor’s edge.”

And when explaining his motive for involving himself with other people’s problems, he says, “I’ve just always had this primordial urge to protect crime victims — something the so-called justice system doesn’t do. They’re too busy making sure they don’t violate the criminals’ rights.”

Follow Sam, Bo, and Becky on another rip-roaring adventure through the mean streets of Orange County and the decks of a gambling ship.

Get this Kindle book here: Crown’s Justice
Use code GV37C to get this book for $1.99 (Save $1.00)


Crowns DilemmaCrown’s Dilemma
Use code FG59F to get this book for $1.99 (Save $1.00)
by Wolf Wootan
Category: Mystery and Detective
Price $1.99 – Save $1.00

Hard-boiled private eye Sam Crown once said, “The line between a firing squad and a Medal of Honor is as thin as a razor’s edge.” He is once again faced with such a dilemma: should he step over that thin line if it offers him a chance to save an innocent girl’s life?
That’s just one problem Sam has to deal with in Crown’s Dilemma. A thirty-year-old photo taken in Saigon pops up and threatens to destroy Sam and his family, a fire-storm he must extinguish at all costs.
His beautiful wife Bo—an ex-FBI agent turned PI and attorney—must try her hand at criminal law to save a friend who has been falsely accused of a crime by a dirty cop.
And Becky, their adopted genius daughter, discovers that there is more to life than mathematics and physics as she finally has her first date. This catches Sam off guard and forces him to face the fact that his daughter is growing up
Sam is once again drawn into a reluctant alliance with Las Vegas crime boss Tony Bracco. John Crown, Sam’s ex-CIA-agent father, does not care for the attention that Bracco pays to his granddaughter, Becky, and issues a stern warning.

“I don’t threaten, I just act. Anybody that hurts that girl in any way will never live long enough to regret it.”
A small smile formed on Bracco’s lips. “We are of one mind on that.”
He lifted his glass and so did John. They clinked them together. Bracco said, “To Professor Crown. May she always be happy—and safe.”
John just nodded.
Bracco stuck the stub of his cheroot into an urn that was filled with sand. John knocked the ashes out of his pipe into it. They drained their glasses of the last of the whiskey and left them on the wooden bench. The two of them went back inside.
Bracco thought, This harmless-looking old man is the deadliest person I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t want to be the one who messed with his family. I suspect a couple of phone calls to his “club” is all it takes. Invisible people who don’t exist. God, and I thought I had power.

The action is non-stop and the body count is high.

One of them stood up, a gun in his hand, to get a better look at the newcomers. Smith calmly stopped next to another Harley, dropped the kick stand and turned off his engine. He stepped off his bike, swung his silenced MP-5 up, and shot the two guards, three shots into each of them. They died instantly. He walked towards the porch.

This is the third book in the Sam Crown Mystery Series. Jump on the Crownsville Express for your most thrilling ride yet. But wait! Just as you think the ride is over, it isn’t. Hold on to your hat for the surprise ending.

Get this Kindle book here: Crown’s Dilemma
Use code FG59F to get this book for $1.99 (Save $1.00)


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