Bargain Kindle Book – The Necromancer

by Greg on March 30, 2011

Here’s a highly rated bargain Kindle book for you to check out. The Necromancer by Pamela M. Richter has a great 4.4 star rating and costs only 99 cents!

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The Necromancer
by Pamela M. Richter
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Cost: $0.99


Omar Satinov, the Necromancer, has become a secret, whispered legend across several continents. The lure is a mystical religion based upon Witchcraft; his hook, the ‘natural’ herbal products that addict his followers. But does he really have supernatural powers, as many of his disciples believe?

Michelle perceived a kind of magic when she met Omar, dazzled by the handsome, charismatic, wealthy older man. Older men seem safer, less likely to become ardently aggressive in a bout of excess testosterone. Michelle was brutally attacked while on a business trip in Las Vegas. The police didn’t believe her and thought she must have lured a man into her locked hotel room for a little sexual adventure, which went dangerously out of control.

Michelle sustained visible scars from the terrifying and almost lethal attack, but pure fear motivated the move from her home in California to Hawaii. She was afraid her attacker would come back. Now she has a successful career and she figures abstinence is an acceptable, if lonely, way to live. Michelle decides that an affair with Omar might cure her of the humiliating, embarrassing, and uncontrollable anxiety attacks which plague her whenever she finds herself alone with a man.

How is she to know that she picked the exact wrong man?

Get this Kindle book here: The Necromancer


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