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by Greg on August 11, 2011

Here’s a great bargain Kindle book for readers of all ages – and it has a near perfect rating. The Journey (The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres) by Laura Lond has an awesome 4.9 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents (reg. $1.99)!

“If you ask me “what’s the best book you read last year?” I will say right away, even without any thoughts – “The Journey” by Laura Lond. It is not just some silly story for the kids, it is a real adventure for whole family, when you can become a kid again, and your kids can grow up. With every page you got challenge to become more clear and make you heart pure!” Vladimir – Amazon Reviewer

The Journey (The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres)
by Laura Lond
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Category: Adventure
Price: $0.99


His father killed in war before he was three, his mother unexpectedly dying when he was eight, Jecosan Tarres is young and poor, yet he has something not many men have: a faithful heart, a strong spirit, and the knowledge of truth taught to him by his mother and Priest Shaledan. Alone for a year, but later befriended by Dalian the blacksmith, he has already beaten the odds of being destitute and forgotten, but clearly something or someone is at work in his life.

With his faithful dog Gart and his friend Dalian, he sets out on a life defining journey after a messenger visits him with a commission to go to Kanavar, the ancient capital of Meoria, where he is to enter the king’s service and somehow prevent the war that is about to break out in his country.

There are powerful forces interested in his journey, both to fail and succeed. Join young Jecosan as he struggles along, escaping sudden traps, facing prison and captivity, fighting pain and despair, losing and making friends.

Get this bargain Kindle book here: The Journey (The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres)


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