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by Greg on February 22, 2011

Poke The BoxA few weeks ago I wrote about a new project, The Domino Project, that Amazon was creating using their Powered By Amazon program.

The Domino Project is getting ready to release their first book, Poke The Box by Seth Godin, on March 1, 2011. The Kindle version of this book was going to cost $9.99 but through a special promotion that The Domino Project did, they were able to lower the cost of the book down to $1 – a 90% savings (or a 98% savings over the print version which was $64.95).

You can pre-order Poke The Box here for $1: Poke the Box

Here’s the description:

If you’re stuck at the starting line, you don’t need more time or permission. You don’t need to wait for a boss’s okay or to be told to push the button; you just need to poke.

Poke the Box is a manifesto by bestselling author Seth Godin that just might make you uncomfortable. It’s a call to action about the initiative you’re taking-– in your job or in your life. Godin knows that one of our scarcest resources is the spark of initiative in most organizations (and most careers)-– the person with the guts to say, “I want to start stuff.”

Poke the Box just may be the kick in the pants you need to shake up your life.

Here’s more info about The Domino Project.

There is also an interesting Q and A with Seth Godin on the product description page about Poke The Box and The Domino Project so make sure to check that out also.

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