Bargain Kindle Book – Old Town

by Greg on February 13, 2011

Old TownHere is a bargain Kindle book – Old Town by Lin Zhe. This is currently selling for 99 cents but the regular price is $23.95 – a 96% savings. This book is also a perfect 5 out of 5 stars so if you’re interested, make sure you get it while it’s still only 99 cents.

On the product description page there’s a Q and A with the author regarding the book.

Please remember to make sure that the price says $0.99 at check out or it will not be 99 cents.

Save $22.96

Old Town by Lin Zhe – Save $22.96

Lin Zhe, one of China’s most prolific writers, paints an unforgettable picture of an ordinary family caught up in the maelstrom that was China’s most recent century. Her narrative ranges across the entire length of China, to California and back again, to the battlefields of the Anti-Japanese War of Resistance and the brutal “struggle” sessions of the Cultural Revolution. But it always returns to this family’s home in Old Town, that archetypical, old-fashioned, and vanishing place steeped in the traditions of South China. Ms. Lin examines the inner strength that sustains people’s lives in their darkest hours, when religious and political faith falter. And yet, a vein of irony and droll humor runs through this powerful story. Lin Zhe’s novel may be understood as a love story, memoir, history, or allegory. For the non-Chinese reader it provides a rare and moving insight into Chinese lives in a century of fearsome upheaval. This book was originally published under the title Riddles of Belief…and Love – A Story.


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