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by Greg on October 27, 2011

Here’s a great, very highly rated, bargain Kindle book for all the Historical Romance fans out there. Conor’s Way by Laura Lee Guhrke has an excellent 4.8 star rating and is only 99 cents!

“This was a well written engaging book that I really enjoyed. I liked this novel and had a hard time putting it down. Very well defined characters, realistic dialogue and overall a very strong story.” Ingrid D. – Amazon Reviewer

Conor’s Way
by Laura Lee Guhrke
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99


Olivia Maitland needs a man. Determined to hang onto her family’s Louisiana farm no matter what, Olivia knows she needs a big, strong man to help her, a man who’s not afraid of hard work. But in the aftermath of the Civil War, men like that are hard to come by, and when she finds ex-boxer Conor Branigan lying unconscious in the road, Olivia takes him in, even though the hard, brawling Irishman isn’t exactly what she had in mind, especially when he ignites a passion in her she’s never felt before.

Conor knows what it’s like to pour all your hopes, dreams, and sweat into a piece of land only to have it come to nothing. He’d already seen his family destroyed and their lands taken during the Irish famine when he was a boy, and he has no intention of sticking around long enough to watch a corrupt man with power do the same thing to Olivia. But she and her three adopted daughters touch dreams in Conor he thought he’d forgotten long ago. Can he let go of the bitterness of his past and make a new future with Olivia? Can he believe in love again, or is it just too late for his cynical heart?

Get this bargain Kindle book here: Conor’s Way


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