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by Greg on February 24, 2011

A Bed of Spices by Barbara Samuel
Category -Romance
Rating – 4.9 Stars

“With her unique and lyrical style, Barbara Samuel touches every emotion. The quiet brilliance of her story lingered in my mind long after the book was closed.”
—Susan Wiggs


The exquisite Frederica der Esslingen fled from her father’s castle to the herbalist’s cottage, vowing she could never give in to her father’s wishes and marry the man her twin sister loved. Another man, a stranger forbidden to her, touched her very soul. A man who listened when she spoke…a man with a tumble of black curls and clever lips…He understood her bold, searching heart. Yet he was denied her forever.

A Bed of Spices is a wildly romantic tale of forbidden love set in the turbulent middle ages. Solomon and Rica meet by chance at the herbalist’s cottage and fall in love despite the divisions of religion, class, and expectations — but how can they possibly find a happy ending with so many things stacked against them? Dark, beautiful and ultimately uplifting, this is a romance you won’t easily forget.

The print edition has become a cult favorite.

“A Bed of Spices was a wonderful book which I would highly recommend to any romance reader looking for something out of the ordinary which breaks the typical romance novel mold. This is another one of those out-of-print books which I sought out through library channels, but will now be looking for a copy to own for my keeper shelf. –Hope Chest Reviews

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