Bargain and Free Books for 9-26-15

by Greg on September 26, 2015

The weekend is here so grab a cup of coffee and download this assortment of 4 bargain books and 2 free books.

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Montana Hearts
by Jillian Hart
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“I couldn’t put this book down. It has everything you could want in a book!” -Sandra H.

NY Times, USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author

A safe and stable life, that’s what Daisy McPhee is wishing for. But when her wagon breaks down leaving her and her four sisters stranded in a cruel storm, she starts to think her fortune is never going to change. Until a tall, dark and handsome stranger comes to her aid. With his strength and integrity, he could be a knight in shining armor like the fairy tale stories she used to dream on. Too bad she’s given up believing in storybook heroes because this man could make her want to believe. She needs a fresh start, not to be drawn by his kindness.

Beckett Kincaid doesn’t want to fall for sweet and beautiful Daisy McPhee. She’s inherited the ranch that by rights should be his. He ought to be bitter, he ought to be holding a grudge against her instead of laughing with her in the rain. Her gentleness fills his heart with the kind of love he never thought he’d feel, and she makes him long for a future that simply can never be…


Always After Dark The Boxed Set Books 1 – 4
by Elle Thorne
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Paranormal
Price: $0.99 Save $4.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“This series was just as amazing as the first!!” -Addicted2books143

Always After Dark is a spinoff with the white tiger from Shifters Forever: Vax, born Vittorio Tiero. He’s the one that helped Kane out during a shifter battle. Taking place in Dallas, Texas. The Tiero family, a group of white tiger shifters is bringing some of its business interests from Europe into the United States.

Remember Vax? He made a cameo in Shifters Forever: Seduction. He’s back!

Shifter Vax Tiero runs After Dark. A nightclub that doubles as a haven for shifters. Man, did he screw up, falling for the curvy graduate student Callie Rivera.

That’s a no-no because of the Tiero Council Code. One of the tigresses is a furious, petulant visitor whose jealousy puts Callie in danger.

Now Vax has two problems. Keeping Callie alive and keeping that he’s a shifter secret from her.

Wait. Two?!?

Make that three problems because his half-brother, an equally sexy, shifter named Rafe is in from Europe for a visit. And he’s got his eye on Callie. He’ll waste no time going for what he wants while Vax is taking care of After Dark.

Two hot shifter males and a hot-tempered shifter female promise sparks, melee, and drama.

The hot sex is a side-effect.

Shifter Cy’s sister is missing. He shouldn’t be crossing into Tiero Territory to look for her. He should follow proper channels and notify the Tiero Tribe. But he can’t. He doesn’t have the time to wait around for niceties and permissions. Until he’s caught. Damn the luck.

It doesn’t help that one of his captors is a beautiful curvy tigress named Lila.

He needs to escape to find his sister, but he hates the thought of leaving the stunning bootilicous tigress behind.

It’s a Shifter Council Meeting. This one’s being held at After Dark. The city’s teeming with shifters. They’re supposed to be cordial, but tensions run high when territorial disputes arise.

Curvy tigress Veila has no business falling for Mark Martinez, the alpha of another tribe–a tribe the Tieros have had scuffles with that have lasted several centuries.

Romeo and Juliet’s family rivalry had nothing on Veila and Mark’s families.


White tiger shifter Gavin Castro’s got a job to do. Falling in love isn’t part of it.

Arctic fox and curvy, Layla’s on a mission. Keep her secret, and catch a tiger… shifter. And not by the tail!

BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. If hot sex skeeves you out, you may want to pass on this book. If freaky, downright dirty sexy talk bothers you, yeah, for sure you gotta pass on this one. We believe in sex–hot, dirty, delicious sex. Yup, make it sweaty, too. It’s not just sex, it’s about the romance. But good romance has sex, and we keep the doors open! Oh, and the lights on!


Swan Loch
by Randy Mixter
Rating: 3.9 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“By combining a love story with mystery and sci-fi, this story comes together beautifully.” -Kimberly Shursen – Author

She arrived on the wind.

It’s August 8th, 2012, more than four months after his wife’s murder. Sheriff Chris Hayward has made it his life’s quest to find her killer, but every lead has come to a dead end…until now.

A young girl has wandered into the town of Swan Loch, Maine. She seeks out one person, Emma Carson, a teacher at the local school. She claims the wind brought her there, and she has a message for Sheriff Hayward. Your wife is alive and I know where to find her.

Chris, Emma, and the girl with no name will now journey to a place where all mysteries will be solved, where one believed lost forever may again be found, and where evil has discovered the perfect hiding place. But they must hurry, because in less than 12 hours the killer will strike again.


Three Days of Rain
by Christine Hughes
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $2.99 Save $1.00
Make sure price is still $2.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Overall the writing was wonderfully done from pace to emotional responses from me as a reader to the writing. It simply drew you in…” -Book Bliss Blog

Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author

Just when he thought his life was turning around… Things haven’t been easy for Jacob Morgan. Persecuted by the ghosts of his past, Jake lives each day just going through the motions, barely getting by. Then Lily Burns comes to town and befriends him.

As Jake starts to heal, he begins to hope that he has finally overcome the mistakes and tragedies that have tormented him for so long. But just when he thinks his problems are solved, his past comes back to haunt him, and once again, Jake is confronted by situations he is ill-equipped to handle.

Can Jake hold on to the progress he has made, or will the lies, guilt, and secrets he’s tried to ignore shove him back into an abyss from which there is no escape?



Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00″ before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00″ “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

by Anna Lowe
Rating: 4.9 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.00 Save $2.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author

Cara Leoni is trapped in the jungle. The clock is ticking, and her only hope is the one man she vowed never to trust again…

Tobin Cooper was only planning on a couple of laid-back weeks on the beaches of Panama, but before he knows it, he’s racing his rusty motorcycle into the wild side. Venomous snakes, poison darts, and ruthless drug runners aren’t half as frightening as the idea of facing his ex-fiancée again. But if he and Cara are going to escape the jungle alive, they must rebuild trust, one kiss at a time.


Waiting for Shadow
by Eduardo Suastegui
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.00 Save $8.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

Waiting for Shadow – Nook
Waiting for Shadow – Apple iBooks
Waiting for Shadow – Kobo

Meet Major McMurtry…

Her voice will draw you into her pain. Her struggle will show you how to overcome. In her search for love you will find hope.

Major Jane McMurtry is learning to walk after an IED ripped into her legs. Fitted with a new set of prosthetic legs, Jane can do more now. She can start tracking again with her new dog. She can go for long walks around her Colorado ranch. Even her back and hip pain have diminished.

But that’s not the sort of pain pressing down on Jane. She misses Shadow, the military K9 partner she trained and had to leave in Afghanistan. If he could come home. If she only had Shadow at her side, she’d handle things better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll come soon, not before he finishes his tour of duty. That’s what Army regs and bureaucrats say. This leaves Jane to face her pain alone and either fold under its thumb, or push on as best she can.


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