Bargain and Free Books for 7-19-15

by Greg on July 19, 2015

Here are 4 bargain books and 2 free books for you to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee.

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Below the Belt
by Sidney Halston
Rating: 4.2 Stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Below the Belt – Nook
Below the Belt – Apple iBooks
Below the Belt – Google Play
Below the Belt – Kobo

“A steamy and fun romance that will leave readers begging for more! Sidney Halston is an author to watch!” —New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair

USA Today Bestselling Author

Once one of the most sought-after names on the mixed martial arts circuit, Antonio “Scarface” Marino watched his career go down for the count as he chased skirts and made tabloid headlines. Now he’s finally making a comeback, and it’s all thanks to Francesca Silva, a Brazilian bombshell as tough as any of her fighters. But who’s the real Francesca: the trash-talking trainer who rides him hard, or the vulnerable woman who blushes at his touch?

Francesca went to the mat to sign Tony because she believes he still has the potential to bring big success to her gym—if she can keep his head in the cage and out of her personal life. After a short-lived marriage soured her on love, a one-night stand is all she can handle. Now Tony’s kisses are stirring up complicated feelings—especially when he agrees to face her ex in the ring. Francesca’s used to freezing guys out. But Tony’s tempting her to give in to the heat.


The Book of Nepharid
by Nick Marsden
Rating: 4.3 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“…a rich fantasy world and an excellent story of coming into your own.” -P. Eddy

A failed wizard’s apprentice becomes the hope of two worlds.

When the powerful Book of Nepharid is stolen, it is up to Gaelan and his master, the Magus Ulrich, to bring the sorcerer Stormhand to justice. Joined by the unicorn rider, Ariel, the quest to recover the book leads them toward certain doom.

Trapped alone in a strange world called Los Angeles, Gaelan will face the man even his master feared. Armed with a powerful weapon he doesn’t know how to use, Gaelan must master the magic of the Book or witness the destruction of his entire world.


A Matter Of Trust
by Sandy Loyd
Rating: 4.6 Stars
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

A Matter Of Trust – Nook
A Matter Of Trust – Kobo

“Fun and humorous when you least expect it, sexy and exciting, with real fear as they fight for their lives and their love, I loved this book from start to finish.” -M. Antry

Award-Winning Author

Tired of living in fear of an abusive ex, Cat Tyler takes charge of her life by learning to fly. When her cross-country flight ends in a forced landing, she finds herself trapped in the Montana wilderness with her flight instructor—a jerk who’s been riding her butt since she first stepped into the cockpit, and she doesn’t appreciate her growing attraction to him. To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill them.

While spiriting Cat away to safety, ex-CIA operative, Josh Buchannan, discovers that their pasts connect. A failed mission, one he’s tried to forget, killed Cat’s parents, and he wonders if this is her twisted way of getting revenge. Josh can’t trust Cat, but he will protect her.

As they work together to uncover the truth, they must stay alive long enough to reveal the newest threat to western civilization. If they make it out alive, they’ll have to come to grips with their pasts in order to create a relationship built on mutual trust for their future.


The Mirror
by John A. Heldt
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Young Adult
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“I was blown away. The writing is crisp and refreshing, the mental images and emotions are clear and greatly felt. Pieces of real history come to life!” -Reading Cafe

On September 11, 2020, Ginny and Katie Smith celebrate their nineteenth birthday at a country fair near Seattle.

Ignoring the warnings of a fortune-teller, they enter a house of mirrors and exit in May 1964. Armed with the knowledge they need to return to their time, they try to make the most of what they believe will be a four-month vacation.

But their sixties adventure becomes complicated when they meet a revered great-grandmother and fall in love with local boys.

In THE MIRROR, the sequel to THE MINE and THE SHOW, the sisters find happiness and heartbreak as they confront unexpected challenges and gut-wrenching choices in the age of civil rights, the Beatles, and Vietnam.



Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00″ before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00″ “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

The Walls of Troy
by Cherry Gregory
Rating: 4.8 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction
Price: $0.00 Save $11.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

#2 Amazon Bestseller

It is seven years into the siege at Troy. Neomene, younger sister of Odysseus of Ithaca, finds herself defending the Greek camp against fever and Trojan attack.

In this sequel to The Girl from Ithaca, Neomene befriends the women forced to survive alongside such warriors as Achilles, Ajax and Agamemnon. As the war drags on and heroes die, she finds romance and becomes embroiled in the fate of Achilles and the city of Troy itself.


The Cannibal’s Daughter
by Mitchell Nelson
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.00 Save $13.99
Subject to change back to full price at any time.

The Cannibal’s Daughter – Apple iBooks
The Cannibal’s Daughter – Kobo

Caroline Gillespie is nineteen years old and going nowhere. She has a dead end job, no friends, no family but her distant mother, and no reason to expect things to improve.

And then her father—the supposedly dead serial killer known as Keeling the Cannibal—shows up at her front door. Years ago, Keeling stole, cheated, and killed his way into a vast fortune. Now, the money is lost, and he believes that the key to its recovery is hidden in Caroline’s head.

Caroline leaves her mundane life behind to join her violent, unstable father in a search for her long-lost inheritance. But nothing is simple when money’s involved. Caroline’s journey into her father’s past will put her against killers and madmen—and even if she survives, her life will never be the same.


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