Bargain and Free Books for 4-11-18

by Ron on April 11, 2018

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Bargain Books

Stone Heart – Amazon
by Rye Hart
Rating: 4.8
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“I thought this was the best book that this author has written, and that is saying a lot because I have loved pretty much all of her books.” -Cassie L.

USA Today and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Just like the mountains of Oregon… Graham is rough and wild. I hear rumors about why he moved to this quiet town. But when I see how he cares for my daughter… I start to question all the gossip.


Graham was hard not to take notice. Rude, impatient, and totally barbaric. But then I see the way he nurses my daughter’s injury. And there’s something different in his eyes. He’s hurting – and I’m all too familiar with that feeling.

I know there’s much more to him than meets the eye.

But can I ever melt the ice around his stone heart?


A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today. Then Cindy walked into my life. I want to have her. Own her. Taste her. But, my dark past is coming back to haunt me. And this time, I’m ready to unleash h*ll.

I’ll protect Cindy and her precious little girl.

And finally get justice for all I’ve lost.


The Murder List – Amazon
by Chris Merritt
Rating: 3.8
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

The Murder List – iBooks
The Murder List – Google Play
The Murder List – Kobo

“A very cleverly written police procedural novel with lots of twists and turns to keep you gripped, reaching an explosive finale! I look forward to the next book of the series!” – Stardust Book Reviews

It’s been five years since Detective Zac Boateng’s daughter was murdered. Her killer was never found. Now Zac is back working for the Metropolitan Police, more determined than ever to bring the city’s killers to justice.

When a man is found brutally murdered in a rundown south London shop, all fingers point to the highly intelligent and manipulative Darian Wallace. He’s just been released, and two years ago the victim helped send him to prison.

Still grieving, Zac knows it will take everything he’s got to catch this dangerously clever killer. But just as he feels he’s getting closer, he realises all is not quite as it seems and makes a devastating personal discovery.

Zac has a choice to make – risk letting this killer escape or watch his daughter’s murderer get away again…


White Lead – Amazon
by Susan Daitch
Rating: 3.4
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

White Lead – Nook
White Lead – iBooks
White Lead – Google Play

“Susan Daitch at her finest! Fascinating story, captivating writing.” -Deb Olin Unferth, author

Award-Winning Author

Late one night, while restoring a seventeenth-century painting by Diego Velázquez, Stella Da Silvera hears screams from the office of Claiborne’s curator Jack Ashby. She goes to investigate, but when the noise fades away she heads back to her studio—where she finds a dead body dressed like a figure in the painting and a man with a tattooed face who isn’t happy to have company. After eluding the unsavory character, Stella returns with the police, only to find the corpse—and the Velázquez—gone.

With no murder in evidence, the detectives turn their attention to the missing canvas. They figure Stella had access and opportunity, making her a prime suspect. Adding insult to injury, Claiborne’s cans her for negligence. To save her reputation, Stella has no choice but to find the painting. But she’s not the only one looking, and someone else is looking for her.


Christin’s Splendid Spinster’s Society – Amazon
by Charlotte Stone
Rating: 4.7
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $3.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“An absolutely stunning and passionate read! I give Christin’s Splendid Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone a high 5 stars.” -Teatime and Books Reviews

Christin Potter has always been a friend to the wealthy and upper-class.As a woman who runs one of London’s more prominent employment agencies, she’s well versed in giving members of Society exactly what they want.

But her life becomes more than a little complicated when she becomes the object of a dashingly handsome–yet very secretive–earl’s desire. Christin finds herself trapped in a battle of wills that is sure to leave her a changed woman in the end.

All Aaron Welsh wanted was a governess for the two little girls he’d inherited after their father’s death. With the assistance of his Brotherhood, their slightly unhinged wives, and the adoration of two girls, the Earl of Jeanshire is sure his life is full.

Until he meets Christin.

With one gaze, his every goal is changed.

Like most of the women in his acquaintance, Christin is strong willed and won’t fall easily.

But who can resist falling into the arms of one of the Men of Nashwood?


The Beauty of Bucharest – Amazon
by S. J. Varengo
Rating: 5.0
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

The Beauty of Bucharest – Nook
The Beauty of Bucharest – iBooks
The Beauty of Bucharest – Kobo

“What a great first in a series book. It is an exciting thriller, with the requisite assassinations and very bad guys, but has lots of giggles and lovable characters too.” -Margaret B.

What would you do if you found a body in the trunk of your wife’s car?

This is the question facing Dan Porter as he stood in the parking lot and looked down at a man wrapped in clear plastic sheeting…a man with a tidy .38 bullet hole in his forehead. But finding the body is a mere curiosity compared with the twists and turns Dan’s life will take over the next few days.

International intrigue and edge-of-your-seat action abound as Dan and his lovely wife Nicole—who clearly has more than her share of dark secrets—risk their lives to rescue a stunning model and bring down one of the most evil men either of them have had the misfortune to meet.


Aster Wood: Books 1-3 – Amazon
by J. B. Cantwell
Rating: 4.4
Genre: Children and Middle Grade
Price: $0.99 Save $5.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Aster Wood: Books 1-3 – Nook
Aster Wood: Books 1-3 – iBooks
Aster Wood: Books 1-3 – Kobo

“Excellent, clean, young adult fantasy series with great storytelling and characters.” -Kwork

Magic. Adventure. Danger. No one on Earth knows where Aster Wood is going. A fantasy middle grade adventure series unlike any other …

The Lost Maps of Almara (Book 1)

When young Aster Wood is pulled through the cosmos to a place no one on Earth knows exists, he finds himself searching for the long-lost sorcerer, Almara. Almara is the only man who can send Aster back home, and only with his help can he discover the truth about his family’s past, and learn what is yet to come for Earth’s future.

But Almara left not only clues, but enemies behind. If Aster loses the race to find him, and the enemy captures him first, he may never see Earth again.

The Book of Leveling (Book 2)

When Aster and Jade, Almara’s daughter, finally find the old wizard, he’s in no state to be of help to anyone. Now they must push on with him in tow and hope to find the little known Book of Leveling, an ancient tome said to hold the key to balancing the planets in the Maylin Fold.

But a new enemy is waiting for them, watching every step they take. The Corentin is a force of evil so great that few dare to pass along their knowledge of him. Now Aster must make it to the book to learn how to defeat the evil wizard before the strange hold the sorcerer has over Jade and Almara consumes them.

The Blackburn Son (Book 3)

Everything in Aster’s world has fallen apart. The great sorcerer, Almara, has leapt to his death to protect Aster and Jade, leaving them lost and without a guide to the cosmos. Aster has won the Book of Leveling, but Jade is no longer able to resist the power of the Corentin. She has fallen into his trap, hungry for more of the malice and cruelty she secretly loves.

Alone again, Aster is unable to clear his mind of the loss of his best friend and her mentor father. But when he discovers the armies assembling to attack the cities in the Triaden, and sees how the children of the lands are being used to fuel the campaign, he is renewed in his resolve to set things right in the Fold. He must find his way back to the friends who will stand beside him in the great battles to come.

But when he finds Stonemore under a wicked enchantment, nothing is as he remembers. Now Aster must seek the great gold stone that Jade possesses, hoping that it will be enough to balance the Fold, and that his own magic will finally break through the fear of failure that has plagued him all along.


Death Metal – Amazon
by Nova Nelson
Rating: 4.7
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“I absolutely adored this book. Just like the first in the series, it has a great plot, fabulous characters and is hilarious.” -Sarah H.

Just when I’m getting the hang of this new life, death pays me another visit.

This time, it takes the form of a werewolf suicide, or at least that’s what our were-elk deputy is calling it.

But the victim’s ghost has other ideas, and since I’m one of only two psychics in town, the restless spirit visits me, asking for my help in finding her killer.

That’s fine, but does she have to do it right as I’m having a romantic moment with my crush, Tanner Culpepper? Talk about a liplock block.

Sure, Tanner is technically my boss now, and making out is a big professional no-no. However, it’s also a gigantic personal yes please.

But I can’t refuse a ghost’s plea for help, so now, in the few spare moments between waiting tables, sleeping, listening to the litany of complaints from my emo canine familiar, and dodging come-ons from Ted the grim reaper, I get to solve another murder.

I guess romance with Tanner will have to wait. But that’s fine. I’m not bitter.

Seriously. I’m not.

(Okay, maybe just a little.)

When one of the victim’s family members begins exhibiting the same signs of silver poisoning that brought down my new spirit friend, I know the clock is ticking.

If I don’t solve the murder and convince Deputy Manchester to make the arrest, the magical town of Eastwind could have another death on its hands …

Free Books

Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00” before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00” “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

Play – Amazon
by Piper Lawson
Rating: 4.6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.00 Save $3.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

Play – Nook
Play – iBooks
Play – Google Play
Play – Kobo

Amazon Bestselling Author

I’m Payton Blake. A twenty-something girl living the dream.

Sure, my co-workers are misogynists, my best friend might be an undercover spy, and the only love I’ve been getting is from Jorge the Nightstand Boyfriend.

Welcome to the modern world.

I’m not looking for real-life love. Even if I had time in my day after bailing out my family, Max Donovan is the last guy I’d call.

The gamer-turned-CEO has blue eyes you could drown in. A piercing that makes me bite my lip. And I’d pay a lot of money to see that man with his joystick.

But he’s arrogant. Cocky. Jaded. Did I mention divorced?

He also just became my biggest client. Which means even if I want to stay away from him, he’s not staying away from me.

Game on, Max Donovan.


Stone in a Sling – Amazon
by Scott A. Meehan
Rating: 4.7
Genre: Memoirs and Biographies
Price: $0.00 Save $3.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

#1 Amazon Bestseller by an Award-Winning Author

In the story of a soldier who served in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 2005, Scott reveals the behind-the-scenes life of an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer.

From surviving a terrorist attack in Colombia, encounters in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador, East Berlin and Desert Storm, and obtaining obtaining information leading to the capture of Saddam Hussein, this biography explores the reality of military life.

But above all, Stone In A Sling is a story of inspiration, leadership, adventure and unwavering courage.


Galatine’s Curse – Amazon
by T. J. Green
Rating: 4.9
Genre: Young Adult
Price: $0.00 Save $3.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

An ancient sword. A dark secret. A new enemy.

Tom has established a new life in the Otherworld, a life he loves. He lives with Arthur in New Camelot, and Arthur is hosting a tournament. Eager to test his sword-fighting skills, Tom’s competing. But while the games are being played, his friends are attacked and everything he loves is threatened. Tom has to find the intruder before anyone else gets hurt.

Tom’s sword, Galatine, seems to be the focus of these attacks. Their investigations uncover Galatine’s dark history and a terrible betrayal that a family has kept secret for generations. But this secret now puts others at risk, including Tom, and he realises that he could lose everything unless he can solve the mystery of his sword’s past.


Breaking Braydon – Amazon
by M.K. Harkins
Rating: 4.4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.00 Save $2.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author

Playboy billionaire Braydon Decker changes women more often than designer ties. Scarred and humiliated as a teenager, he pledged long ago to never trust a beautiful woman again. But then he never imagined meeting one quite like Jain Parker.

Jain, a dedicated medical research scientist, learned early in college that her good looks were a hindrance and she’d have to tone down her beauty to be taken seriously, thus, Plain Jain was born, and men were no longer an issue. Of course, she didn’t count on running into Braydon Decker.

A successful venture capitalist, Braydon holds the key to whether Jain’s research company sinks or swims. When the two are forced to work together on a fundraising campaign, they’re instantly drawn to one another, despite their individual vows to remain unattached. As they navigate unchartered waters, their inability to trust wages war with their desire to love.

Hearts are broken and trust is shattered when betrayal and lies are revealed. Will the truth bring them healing and forgiveness, or will it be too late?


Rise of the Iliri: Books 4-6 – Amazon
by Auryn Hadley
Rating: 4.8
Genre: Science Fiction
Price: $0.00 Save $5.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

The final three books in the action-packed, epic, science-based fantasy series, Rise of the Iliri… all for free for a very limited time!


The intersecting worlds of the iliri, grauori, and men collide when an alliance is declared, and the humans renege. In the midst of offering an olive branch to other races, they seem secretly hellbent on destroying them all—and they begin by putting Sal on trial and disbanding the Black Blades. Auryn Hadley offers up deft commentary on racism between communities—melded with fantastical action-adventure in a world at war, and passionate erotic romance.

True to its title, in Inseparable, on the world of Ogun, it’s the connections between all beings—human and otherwise—that will save or destroy them. It’s Sal’s unbreakable devotion to her tribe that keeps her alive—and the steamy interactions with her mates—old, new, and surprising—that keep the pages turning.


A jarring emotional roller coaster, Tenacity tells the age-old tale of pure love amidst a struggle between good and evil—but with a heaping dose of the light-hearted. This one has plenty of laughs. And plenty of heartbreak.

Lieutenant Salryc Luxx and her elite Black Blades push forward to liberate an enslaved nation from the emperor’s reign of terror. But the battle’s not without consequence. Bombarded by the thanks of those she rescued, and the disdain of those whose families she could not save, Sal can’t sleep, she can’t eat … but she cannot stop fighting, either.

The Emperor is losing. He knows Sal’s responsible, and he knows exactly how to destroy her—go after those she loves most.


Resilience asks how far mankind will go to protect their pride. Because it seems they’ll guard it at the expense of all else. In an epic tale reminiscent of a futuristic Lord of the Rings, it’s the iliri who must decide whether to risk their lives for the ungracious human race.

Salryc Luxx has been summoned to a meeting with Parliament representatives of the Conglomerate. This time, she’s neither slave nor prisoner, but the powerful leader of the iliri. As she struggles to submit to her destiny as their leader, she is inspired by her people’s trust in her and their desperate hope that if it is the iliri and their allies who manage to defeat evil, perhaps humans can learn to respect them.

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