Bargain and Free Books for 12-08-17

by Ron on December 8, 2017

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Bargain Books

Ghost of a Chance – Amazon
by Yasmine Galenorn
Rating: 4.3
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 Save $4.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Ghost of a Chance – Nook
Ghost of a Chance – iBooks
Ghost of a Chance – Kobo

“The story moved swiftly with well defined characters, realistic reactions and wonderful hidden truths. Enjoyed it immensely.” -Belle

NY Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly Bestselling and Award-Winning Author

Emerald O’Brien is the owner of the Chintz ‘n China Tea Room where guests are served the perfect blend of teas and tarot readings. She never set out to be a detective, but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there’s no turning back…

When the ghost of Susan Mitchell asks for Emerald’s help in convicting her own murderer, Emerald can’t refuse. Along with her friends-an ex-supermodel and a cop-and her new love interest, Emerald must search for clues to put the killer behind bars, and Susan’s tortured soul to rest.


Millionaire Under the Mistletoe – Amazon
by Stefanie London
Rating: 4.1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Millionaire Under the Mistletoe – Nook
Millionaire Under the Mistletoe – iBooks
Millionaire Under the Mistletoe – Google Play
Millionaire Under the Mistletoe – Kobo

“If you enjoy a surprisingly thought-provoking love story with a happy ending that will make you grin, then you should definitely give this book a read. You won’t be sorry.” -Heather

USA Today Bestselling Author

Stella Jackson would rather stab herself in the eye with her own stiletto than return to England. Especially in winter. But to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish, she has to spend Christmas at the estate she inherited from him…with the one man she wishes she could forget.

Self-made millionaire Evan Foss wants one thing from Stella—her estate. But thanks to their rocky past, he’s the last person she’ll sell to. So when she takes him up on a bet, with the estate as the prize, Evan can’t believe his luck. The only problem is that seeing her now, sexy and all grown up, tempts Evan to finish what started years ago between them.


Legends and Lore – Amazon
by Various Authors
Rating: 4.8
Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

Legends and Lore – Nook
Legends and Lore – iBooks
Legends and Lore – Google Play
Legends and Lore – Kobo

“An amazing collection of works by talented authors!” -Nikki S.

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors

Enter the labyrinth of Legends and Lore and meet a host of notorious beings that will change the way you view the mythological world.

You know the names but you don’t know the incredible stories behind them. Minotaurs, descendants of monsters, demi-gods, and fantastic creatures, are just a few of the characters contained within these pages.

The Legends and Lore boxed set hosts an incredible 21 multi-genre stories featuring your favorite legends.


Julia – Amazon
by Alan Hardy
Rating: 4.8
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $0.99 Save $0.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Smart literary style romance that works. An interesting situation, real and believable characters and a clever plot in which events unfold in an unexpected manner made this a great read.” -Big Apple

Julia… Julia… A young man becomes obsessed with his first love, and pursues her relentlessly over the next seven years, following her from city to city, and from country to country. It is his aim to put right what went wrong in those first few months of their affair, and each time he meets up with her, he tries to re-mold and perfect their relationship. He revisits his memories of her, reworking them from different time-perspectives, until his obsession overwhelms him, in danger of becoming a lethal and hysterical mania.

He is overwhelmed by the conviction that he must put everything right. He can’t bear to lose the intensity of his youthful passion. He has to possess her. He is determined to continue until… There is also the matter of the other girl, the one he keeps bumping into when he least expects it… Marianne…who becomes a rival to Julia… Which one will he choose? Which one will choose him? Both of them? Will his besotted passion lead to emotional and sexual fulfilment, or plunge him into spiralling madness?


The Canine Commandments – Amazon
by W. R. Pursche
Rating: 4.8
Genre: Non-Fiction
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“For anyone who’s a dog lover — as I fervently am — this delicious little book is a wonderful, heart-warming treat.” -Violatte

Dogs seem to be happy all the time, with no worries, no cares, living every day to the fullest. How do they do this? Dogs themselves give us their 10 Commandments: the Lessons of Life.

Unlike other negative ‘rules’ that are often thrown at us (“Don’t do that!”) these lessons are all appealingly positive. Filled with quotes and examples from everyday life, “Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments” plainly shows how we can all benefit from the wisdom of dogs. These memorable lessons provide a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to living a happier and more fulfilling life.


Capital Starship – Amazon
by Scott Bartlett
Rating: 5.0
Genre: Science Fiction
Price: $0.99 Save $2.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Bartlett delivers again. This is a great start to a new series.” -Michelle H.

Award-Winning Author

The Ixa smashed the galaxy to bits before they were defeated. Captain Husher has sounded the alarm in the decades since: the Ixa’s creators will return to finish the job.

But unlike Husher, the galactic government didn’t battle the Ixa, and the politicians have convinced themselves that maintaining peace means limiting the ability to wage war.

Now, the enemy has returned, with high-tech weapons that prove they haven’t limited their own combat capabilities in the slightest. If Captain Husher and his beleaguered supercarrier crew can’t manage to stop the invaders, they will happily devour the galaxy whole.


Christmas in Paradise – Amazon
by Kathi Daley
Rating: 4.4
Genre: Mystery
Price: $0.99 Save $4.00
Make sure price is still $0.99 before clicking “Buy”.

“Daley’s characters come to life on the page. Her novels are filled with a little mystery and a little romance which makes for a murderous adventure.” – Tonya Kappes, USA Today bestselling author

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author

Christmas in Serenity is a magical time of year Tj has always looked forward to with happy anticipation.

This year her holiday spirit is marred by the impending arrival of two new men in her life.

When one of them ends up dead, Tj must juggle community plays, Christmas tree cuttings, sleigh rides, and holiday shopping with a complex murder investigation.

As the facts begin to unravel, she realizes she may have to risk everything to save someone she loves.

Free Books

Please make sure the price says “Kindle Price $0.00” before clicking “Buy”. If it says “Prime Members $0.00” “read for free”, it is NO LONGER FREE. All books are free at the time they are posted but are subject to change back to full price at any time. If you are outside of the United States, these books may not be free.

War of the Black Tower – Amazon
by Jack Conner
Rating: 3.8
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $0.00 Save $4.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

NY Times Bestselling Author

When a dark power rises, only a cursed prince can stand against it.

Baleron is the youngest son of the king of Havensrike, a land eternally at war with the sinister empire of Oslog to the south, ruled by the Dark Lord himself. Baleron, a womanizer and rogue, the black sheep of the royal family one step from being kicked out of the castle, longs to redeem himself in his father’s eyes. But when his beautiful sister Rolenya is seized by the dark powers, the thralls of the Dark Lord call out to Baleron in worship, calling him the Chosen One of their Master. What can they mean?

As if that weren’t bad enough, the gears of war begin to turn, and the legions of Oslog pour forth from their lairs to make war upon the free peoples of the North. If Baleron can’t save his sister and unlock the secret of his nature, the Dark Lord will sweep the world in shadow.


The Southern Comfort Christmas – Amazon
by Barbara Lohr
Rating: 4.6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $0.00 Save $2.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

The Southern Comfort Christmas – Nook
The Southern Comfort Christmas – iBooks
The Southern Comfort Christmas – Kobo

A Christmas wedding becomes chaos for Harper and Cameron in this heartwarming romance, a sequel to Finding Southern Comfort. Mistletoe and magnolias turn to mayhem when Savannah meets Chicago. Families can’t agree about anything, from the venue to the menu. Harper’s heart sure isn’t in it.

Her mother’s wedding gown isn’t the only thing that doesn’t fit. The impending celebration frustrates the Savannah couple as they’re swept into a frantic countdown to Christmas. When Cameron’s sidelined by a broken ankle, his little girl Bella reverts to bad habits. Only in each other’s arms can the bride and groom find comfort while around them the planning threatens to become a second Civil War.

Cameron’s family refuses to travel to the “frozen hinterlands,” and Harper’s glorious wedding day frays further. Frozen pipes and water damage cause a change in plans. But even when the ceremony is moved to Cameron’s Savannah mansion, his family might be a no-show.

Harper’s friend Julep suggests a solution and Cameron’s mama reluctantly agrees to handle the menu. When the dreaded chicken becomes jambalaya, hope is on the horizon. A trip to Bleubelle’s provides the dress of Harper’s dreams, and everything seems to finally be falling into place. But not quite … and that’s the fun of this continuing southern saga.


The World Without Crows – Amazon
by Ben Lyle Bedard
Rating: 4.7
Genre: Thriller and Suspense
Price: $0.00 Save $2.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

In 1990, the world ended. A disease turned people into walking shells of themselves. Zombies. Most of them were harmless, but some were broken by the pressure of the disease. The cracked became ravenous killers whose bite infected.

To escape the apocalypse, Eric, a young, overweight boy of 16, sets off on a journey across the United States. His plan is to hike from Ohio to an island in Maine, far from the ruins of cities, where the lake and the fierce winters will protect him from both Zombies and the gangs that roam the country.

Along the way, Eric finds friends and enemies, hope and despair, love and hatred. The World Without Crows is the story of what he must become to survive.

For him and the people he would come to love, the end is only the beginning.


A Love Lost in Positano – Amazon
by D.P. Rosano
Rating: 5.0
Genre: Womens Fiction
Price: $0.00 Save $2.99
Make sure price is still $0.00 before clicking “Buy”.

After working in Kabul for several years, Danny D’Amato needs a break. Stressed with the war, he chooses the blue waters of Positano for his escape.

Soon, the pages of his diary fill with notes about the woman he meets on the sunny cliffs over the Mediterranean, and his own conversion from a war-weary veteran to a man in love. In a few days, both he and Gaia fall in love, share their lives, and imagine what a future would be like together.

And then, she is gone.

After Danny spends countless days looking for Gaia, the vast distance between them finally closes… but for reasons neither of them could have predicted.

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