Authors Are Odd Ducks by J.E. Taylor

by Greg on August 21, 2014

Authors are odd ducks…

We live out our fantasies and nightmares on the pages of our books, recounting real and imagined scenarios for the joy of our fans. Those of us who choose to write series end up with multiple lives in our heads, so in that manner, it’s a schizophrenia of sorts.

And when we are in the throws of a good story, we tend to adopt the mannerisms and thought patterns of our characters. This can be very interesting for those of us who work outside of writing. I know I have to be cautious, because the dripping sarcasm of a fallen angel has no place in a business meeting. Neither does a hormonal teenage boy, for that matter. If my internal editor doesn’t catch it in time, those meetings can become… well, very interesting and sometimes I have erred on the side of a complete lack of political correctness.

As far as writing a series, some people plan and plot out their books before they sit down to write them. They know all the twists and turns that are going to happen within the framework they create. I’m not one of those authors. I usually have either a beginning scene or an end scene and I go from there.

When I started writing in earnest back in 2007, I did not intend to do an epic saga that spans three separate families and multiple series (The Games Thriller Series, The Steve Williams Series, Night Hawk Series and now The Ryan Chronicles).

The thing is, the characters kind of took over. A good example of this is Crystal Illusions (the fifth book in The Steve Williams Series). When I started that book, it was supposed to be a stand-alone mystery, but no, Steve Williams had a completely different idea. It was a shock when I wrote him in, but it made sense, so I let it ride.

In my experience, the characters can take over most any story if they had their druthers and there have been instances where I’ve disagreed with their intrusions. I think they just want their story told and whenever I reach the end of the saga, I’ll be just as sad as my readers to see them go their merry way into the sunset. But until then, I’m having a blast living various lives.
Therefore, the next time you’re reading, just imagine living with those characters in your head all the time. Thus, is the life of an author.


J.E. Taylor

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