April Contest Winners

by Greg on May 15, 2009

We finally have all the winners for the April Kindle Cover contest/drawings. Sorry that it’s taken so long to get this posted this month but between myself being very busy with the kids and potential contest winners not getting back in touch with me I’m getting this post out a few days later than normal.

So, here are the contest winners for April:

  • Gina from New Hampshire and David from New York were the winners of the M-edge/$50 gift card drawings and they both chose the $50 gift cards.
  • Yin from Florida and Pat from New York were the winners of the Bobarra Kindle covers.

Don’t forget the rules for the May contest have changed a little bit so go here to see what you need to do to win this months contest: New Contest Rules

Once again here’s the reason that I’ve changed the rules up a little bit. This is from the April Newsletter:
“Just to let you know, I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. Number one, I think it’s more fair to give regular readers and visitors a better chance to win the contest. Two, I just didn’t like the fact that the winner was chosen by luck.”

So, you will have to do a little bit of work to win the contest but it’s not much at all. Don’t forget to keep checking if the trivia questions have been posted – so far I haven’t posted one yet this month but I have a feeling that one may be coming soon.

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