Amazon To Preview Kindle For The Web

by Greg on December 7, 2010

Today Amazon demoed their new Kindle For The Web app at Google’s Chrome event. This is just a day after Google introduced their own Google eBookstore.

Google’s ebooks are compatible with any javascript enabled browser and can also be read on Apple’s iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android phones.

With the Kindle For The Web app, anyone with access to a web browser can buy and read full Kindle books with no download or installation required.

Read All The Details For Kindle For The Web

The previous version of Kindle For The Web allowed readers to only view first chapter previews of books online.

Anyone with a website will now be able to offer Kindle books on their site which will let readers to start reading the books instantly.

“Anyone with access to a web browser can discover the seamless and consistent experience that comes with Kindle books,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President, Kindle Content. “Kindle books can be read on the $139 third-generation Kindle device with new high-contrast Pearl e-Ink, on iPads, iPod touches, iPhones, Macs, PCs, BlackBerrys and Android-based devices. And now, anywhere you have a web browser. Your reading library, last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights are always available to you no matter where you bought your Kindle books or how you choose to read them.”

To view all of the currently available Kindle apps, go here: Kindle Apps

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