Amazon Invites Developers To Make Apps For Kindle

by Greg on January 21, 2010

Amazon announced today that it will start to allow developers to create apps for the Kindle. The Kindle Developer Kit (KDK) will be available in beta starting next month. We can expect to start seeing the new software and content in the Kindle Store sometime later this year. Next month those who are taking part in the beta test will be able to download the kit and test their apps on the Kindle Simulator. The KDK also includes sample code and documentation.

This is from the Amazon press release:

“We’ve heard from lots of developers over the past two years who are excited to build on top of Kindle,” said Ian Freed, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “The Kindle Development Kit opens many possibilities–we look forward to being surprised by what developers invent.”

I’m surprised that it took this long for Amazon to start allowing developers access to the Kindle and I suspect that it probably has a lot to do with the Apple Tablet that’s supposed to be unveiled next week. Amazon surely does not want to lose much, if any, of the ereader market share that they now enjoy so they have started to make some changes in the past month or so that I think are directly related to the Tablet.

Although I will still use my Kindle mainly for reading books it would still be pretty cool to have apps for it. Kindle does not have a touch screen and is not color so the amount of apps could be limited. This also makes me wonder if we do have a new Kindle possibly coming out later this year. If the apps include games one would think that a color screen would be nice to have.

Here’s more from the press release regarding EA Mobile:

“As the leading worldwide publisher of mobile games, EA Mobile has had the privilege of collaborating with many dynamic and innovative companies in bringing exciting gaming experiences to new platforms,” says Adam Sussman, Vice President of Worldwide Publishing, EA Mobile. “Working with Amazon, we look forward to bringing some of the world’s most popular and fun games to Kindle and their users.”

Do you think that you would use the apps if they came out with some cool ones or would you still continue to use your Kindle just to read books?

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