Amazon Buys Touchscreen Maker

by Greg on February 4, 2010

Amazon has just announced that they’ve purchased touchscreen maker Touchco. Touchco is a start up company based in New York. Amazon will merge the technology from Touchco as well as the staff members into it’s Kindle hardware division.

This, of course, is starting the rumors about a Kindle 3 coming sometime soon to compete with the iPad’s color touchscreen technology. If this does happen, hopefully the reading experience will be just as good as the non color e-ink technology which is very easy on the eyes.

The technology that Touchco uses is called interpolating force-sensitive resistance. This technology uses resistors that are sensitive to different levels of pressure and will be used in displays that would cost much less than the touch screens that are used on the iPone and iPad.

Touchco was formed by a team of about six scientists at New York University. The scientists worked in the universities Media Research Lab to develop low cost, low power touchscreen technology. When visiting their website it just says “Thank you for your interest in Touchco. As of January 2010, the company is no longer doing business.”

If a Kindle 3 is in our near future I’m just hoping that Amazon will make sure to keep the reading experience as the number one priority and not worry too much about trying to be to similar to the iPad. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest Kindle 3 rumors.

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