91 Books From Dame Catherine Cookson Available On Kindle

by Greg on March 29, 2011

Good news for fans of British author Dame Catherine Cookson. 91 of Cookson’s books are now available exclusively on the Kindle.

View Catherine Cookson’s Books

Cookson is one of the most successful British authors of all time. She sold over 150 million books over the course of a 50 year career. Many of her books became movies and were used for plays and the radio.

The books are available for $1.50 to $5.99 each for Kindle and Kindle app customers.

Amazon had this to say:

“Dame Catherine Cookson is one of the most popular British writers, and no doubt many American readers of mysteries or romantic thrillers are also familiar with her name,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content. “We hope that her longtime fans and new readers will enjoy discovering her entire body of work, now available in the Kindle Store.”

“For a long time, Dame Catherine Cookson was the U.K.’s most celebrated and successful novelist. Now, for the first time since her death in 1998, the vast majority of her titles will be available throughout the world,” said Sonia Land of Peach Publishing. “We are delighted that both new and loyal fans can view, at a glance, the majority of the full-length novels that Catherine has written and buy one or more of her e-books in less than a minute.”

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