Top 10 Things To Do With Kindle 2

by Greg on March 16, 2009

I’ve had my Kindle 2 for a couple of weeks now and have found a few different things that I can do with it. Here’s a list of things that I’ve come up with that you can do with your Kindle 2.

1. Read. I guess this could probably be 1 through 10 since this is the main reason people buy Kindles but then this list wouldn’t be very informative then, would it?
2. Listen to books while you’re busy doing other things. With the Text-to-Speech feature you can listen to your books while you’re doing chores around the house like folding laundry or doing dishes or maybe while you’re doing hobbies like painting or sewing. I’ve had someone tell me that they’ve used this feature to have the Kindle 2 read a book to their child. Personally, I like to read to my kids myself but I guess if it helps get you through the day do whatever works.
3. Read and send email. Although I wouldn’t recommend the Kindle 2 as your primary way to send and receive emails you can use it for email if you are somewhere without internet access and you’d like to check your messages. There’s a post on how to send email here: Read email on your Kindle 2
4. Listen to background music while reading. All you need to do is connect the Kindle 2 to your computer and copy your music files to the ‘Music’ folder for your Kindle 2. To listen to the music go to the ‘Home’ page, press ‘Menu’ then ‘Experimental’ and click on ‘Play MP3’.
5. Add pictures to your Kindle 2. You can upload pictures from your computer to the Kindle 2 without much problem at all. The directions for doing this are here: Upload Pictures To Kindle 2
6. Get free books for your Kindle 2. One of the biggest complaints that people have about the Kindle is the price. But if you get enough books it more than pays for itself in the long run (or short run if you read a lot). One of the best ways to make the Kindle pay for itself is to get your books for free which you can do here: Free Books For Your Kinlde 2
7. Get your newspaper before everyone else does. If you subscribe to one of the many papers that are available for your Kindle, you can usually read it before it hits the newsstand. One of the cool things about this is that you can get a free trial subscription to a lot of different newspapers that are available for the Kindle 2. Free Subscriptions
8.Add a custom screen saver. When the Kindle 2 came out it looked as though you couldn’t add a screen saver. There’s a thread at Mobile Read that shows how you can actually do it. Be careful though as this is unofficial and not from Amazon. You can read the thread here (go down to #41): Add a custom screen saver to Kindle 2
9.Surf the web. The Kindle 2 comes with it’s own web browser. It’s not the greatest browser in the world and it’s still part of the ‘experimental’ features for Kindle but you can still use it if you’re out somewhere and the only access you have to the internet is your Kindle. You can get to it by going to the ‘Home’ page, click on ‘Menu’, go down to ‘Experimental’ and click on ‘Basic Web’.
10. The Kindle 2 comes with The New Oxford American Dictionary (as does the Kindle 1). A cool feature on the Kindle 2 is that you can put the cursor in front of a word in the text (with the 5 way) that you’re reading and Kindle 2 will give you the definition at the bottom of the screen so you don’t even have to leave the page.

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